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Monday, October 17, 2011

A look at Revlon's New Colorburst Lip Butters!

As you can tell from reading my blog, I absolutely looooove Revlon's lip products. I just think they are fantastic quality and definitely a step up from many other drugstore lip products! So I was really excited to see that Revlon has come out with a new lip product called Colorburst Lip Butters. Naturally, I had to try them. Here's three that I got on my little excursion to Rite Aid...

Aren't they cute? As you can see, the packaging is really similar to the regular colorburst lipsticks  that i love as well (click HERE to see my post on them). They have the same quilted pattern as the lipsticks, but the plastic is see-through and the top is completely clear so you can see the color of the lipstick. That aspect of the packaging was particularly helpful when I was choosing what colors to buy since you can't swatch them in drugstores! I think the packaging is definitely cute and most importantly, simple and functional.

From Left to Right: Creamsicle, Cherry Tart, Berry Smoothie
The lip butters also don't have a typical lipstick shape. As you can see in the photo, it's rounded and not pointed like most lipsticks. I personally don't mind this, but some people may find they need to be a little more careful with application!
Here's some swatches:

 The three colors I got from left to right are Creamsicle, Cherry Tart, and Berry Smoothie. I had so much trouble picking out just a few because there were a ton of colors!! I should have taken a picture of the display, but there were at least 10 different colors.
Creamsicle is a really pretty peachy nude (it looks most flattering on me with one sheer layer!). Cherry Tart is a really, really wearable bright red. Berry Smoothie is a light purpley-pink berry color. The names are obviously name accurate!

Pigmentation is really excellent for a product that claims to be a lip balm. All three of the lip butters I got can really pack a lot of color with a couple of swipes. I do like that the color is really buildable--you can wear it as a tint with one swipe or as a vibrant color with little effort. Because it's buildable, it's also difficult to mess up ;)

Texture is fantastic. If you think the Revlon colorburst and superlustrous lipsticks are comfortable on your lips, these are even moreso!! The difference as a lip butter is that they feel much more moisturizing (and if I recall from the display they claim they contain things like coco & shea butter! Will have to double check the exact ingredients though). In the end though I don't think they add much moisture (like a lip balm) but they also don't make my lips dry personally. They also look very shiny on your lips. If you are a matte lipstick girl or don't like shiny lips, these probably aren't going to be your favorite product. I personally love the creamy, texture and the look of shiny lips. Basically, I think they're sort of in between a typical lip balm and a lipstick. As far as scent goes, they have a faint sweet smell but it doesn't linger at all.

I haven't had them for very long (just a day!) but so far I am really loving them. I found they wore really nicely and sort of faded after a few hours on me. I have a tendency to smoosh my lips and reapply lip balm type of products often though, so I can't tell for sure how long they last on the lips! If you wan't vibrant, all day color I doubt you could go an entire day without reapplication.

I found them at my Rite Aid... I believe they are $7.50 but they were 40% off, making them a total steal!! I personally wouldn't buy them at full price just because you can always find discounts at drugstores! Bravo Revlon for another fantastic product!! They are absolutely worth trying out.

Let me know what you think of them or if you'd like any comparison swatches in the comments!

EDIT: See more swatches and lip butters here!


  1. I have been wanting these so badly! I love that Revlon embraced the quilted-look packaging. I love colorburst lipsticks, too :) Thanks for the review (and reminder to hit up my closest drugstore!)

  2. Ah, I have been looking for these everywhere! Glad you found em and great swatches!

  3. Nice! Are these limited or will they be a permanent addition to Revlon's lipstick line?

  4. I've heard that they are going to be permanent! Good move by Revlon ;)

  5. I want these so bad but haven't found them yet! Thanks for the swatches! I really want berry smoothie now =)

  6. OMG! I die! I have been to 8 places looking for these this week! LOL

  7. I found these at my Rite Aid. Please visit my blog for swatches.

  8. I love Revlon!

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  10. too expensive for a sheer lip balm I THINK ..with 6 more dollars i can buy a MAC lippie with good pigmentation ..

  11. that's exactly why i only buy drugstore items when there's a sale! ;)

  12. I love Revlon's Lip butter!! My favourite at the moment! :)



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