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Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters (part 2!)

With more coupons in hand I couldn't resist picking up a few more of the Revlon colorburst lip butters while they were additionally on sale. You can see a more in depth review of them in my previous post HERE.
I thought I'd put up more pictures and swatches so you can see more of the colors they have.

L-R Strawberry Shortcake, Pink Truffle, Red Velvet

I just love these lip butters so much. Strawberry Shortcake is a really gorgeous midtone pink--it's slight warm toned but because of the sheer, glossy texture i really love the way it looks on my warmer skin. Pink Truffle is a great "my lips but better" pink-brown, though it definitely shows up more medium pink on my lips. Lastly, Red Velvet is a gorgeous crimson/cranberry red and absolutely perfect for fall.

all of the ones i have!
Strawberry Shortcake, Pink Truffle, Red Velvet, Cherry Tart, Berry Smoothie, Creamsicle

Oh Revlon, how I love you so. Hope these swatches and pics were helpful! Let me know what you think about them or which colors you'd like to try the most!


  1. how come I never seen this line in drug store? LOL

  2. Strawberry shortcake is amazing, I want!!! xx

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  3. Definitely want to pick up Berry Smoothie! These are right up my alley :)

  4. I keep hoping I'll stumble upon these at my local drugstores! Hunting is useless around here. I really want to try "Cupcake" because I love all things cupcake :)

  5. These look so pretty! I still haven't been able to find them! :/

  6. whoa these are so cool!!! first time i read about 'em, thanks for sharing :))



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