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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recent Empties!

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a post on some products I've finished the last few months. Most of the products mentioned are definitely some of my favorite items and it's no surprise I've repurchased a few of them already! I love the feeling you get from using up a product--it really feels like I got my money's worth!! :)
Sorry about the camera phone quality! 
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: This is definitely my "holy grail" foundation! I seriously love it so much. For such a lightweight, glowy foundation, it covers amazingly well and evens my skintone out flawlessly. It looks so natural. I have oily/combination skin--I set my tzone with a powder and lately have been setting it with an Urban Decay setting spray and it helps it last all day. I just love it and would recommend everyone give it a try--especially those who like natural looking coverage and a dewy finish. It's wonderful. My bottle lasted a good four and a half months---definitely repurchasing as soon as I finish some other foundation samples I'm working through!

Paula's Choice Lip and Body Treatment Balm: Best. Lip. Balm. Ever. (Kristina if you're reading this, THANK YOU!) My lips have never felt so amazingly smooth and hydrated. I apply it every night before bed, every morning when I wake up, and throughout the day. I have already repurchased and will definitely be stocking up the next time they are on sale on the Paula's Choice website!

Nars Rue Bonaparte Eyeliner: For my NC25(ish) skintone, this color is the perfect nude for the waterline. It covers redness around the eye and makes me look more awake! I think this is a great eyeliner to try if you want a bright eyed look--especially if you've tried a white eyeliner pencil and found it to be a bit too intense. The nude is perfect. I have already repurchased!

Laura Mercier full blown mascara sample: I've been using this once in a while over the last few months and while I am a huge fan of Laura Mercier products, I don't think this mascara is particularly special. I definitely prefer my Covergirl mascaras from CVS. The length it gave was nice but it didn't give as much volume as I'd like. It also became flaky after a few hours. I liked carrying the mini mascara in my purse to have for touchups or if I'm in a rush and don't have time to apply at home. Overall, not something I would purchase and am glad it was a free sample!

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser: After using Bliss Fabulous Foaming Facewash for nearly 3 years (and one of those years with a clarisonic), I felt like I needed a change. My oily/combo skin was feeling oilier in the tzone and dryer in the cheeks and I felt like my cleanser was not doing much for me. I had read great things about Cerave skincare products so I decided to give it a shot! I absolutely love this cleanser! With my clarisonic, it removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and supple. My cheeks don't feel dry and tight like they used to feel after washing my face. I was initially afraid of the "hydrating" aspect, as I do have an oily tzone--but I personally think this cleanser would suit many skintypes, especially oily skin that feels dehydrated. Love it and have already repurchased!

What are some products you've used up recently?! Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dewy and Smokey

Hello!!! I've got a smokey eye look for you today! I received some Anastasia goodies from their upcoming Holiday collection to review for my blog and figured I would play around and do a look with the colors in the palette! I'll be posting a review soon but I must say it does include some great colors for a smokey eye!

Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat (got a huge sample of this from Sephora! Still deciding if I like the finish--it's very, vvery dewy but does provide nice coverage!)
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Laura Mercier Translucent powder
Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller Concealer
Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
Anastasia Brow Powder in Brunette
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Anastasia Eyeshadows from Want You To Want Me Holiday Kit: Graphicts all over lid, Iron On in Outer-V & lower lashline, Members Only in crease, & a touch of Ziggy in the crease
(^^review on this coming very soon!)
Mac Brule to highlight brow bone
Anastasia Liquid Eyeliner in Jet
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
Covergirl Lashblast (orange tube)

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi from the Kisses On My List Kit

Hope you like this look! Also, are there any liquid eyeliner experts reading? I received the liquid eyeliner in the Anastasia kit and am completely awful at applying it! I am much quicker and more precise using a brush with my gel eyeliner--getting a perfect wing with liquid is a mystery to me!! For this look I lined my eyes with it but then smudged it out with eyeshadow since it wasn't pefectly straight lol! Got any tips ladies!? :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl

Although my skin can be on the oiler side most days, I have never favored a matte look. I LOVE the look of dewy skin and because of that I have always loved using highlighters. I've always been a lover of powder highlighters and hadn't really delved into the world of liquid highlighters. When I saw makeup artist Lisa Eldridge use the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in one of her youtube videos, it immediately caught my attention. The glow it gave was so beautiful and ethereal--I had to get my hands on it! 

Firstly, the packaging is great--you get 50ml of highlighter and because you only need the tiniest amount, this bottle is basically going to last forever. It has a pump applicator. I find half a pump is more than enough product for both cheeks!

Now for the product, I am in love. It blends so effortlessly into the skin and imparts such a beautiful, healthy glow. It is not glittery at all--it has a beautiful pearly sheen that manages to be glowy & dewy without looking greasy or shiny. It also contains SPF25 which is an added bonus! Although it's a water based product, it does feel slightly sticky for a few moments until it sinks into the skin.

I've tried applying it a few different ways and my favorite is definitely applying and blending it in with my fingers using a tapping motion. I found that it didn't blend as well when I used a brush (to each their own! I always see Lisa use a brush but I couldn't get the hang of it!). Although I mainly use it for just a cheek highlight, you can also mix a very tiny drop of it with your foundation to give a glow all over. I'm weary of doing this because of my tendency to get oily in my tzone, but I bet this would work well for those with dry skin! Pearl makes my skin look incredibly polished and luminous, I just adore this product.

Pearl is blended on the bottom part of my arm! Wish it showed up better but the sheen in person is gorgeous!
At $41 this product is certainly not cheap. However, it is priced pretty well for the huge amount of product. Also, Becca products are now available at Sephora, so it's much easier to get your hands on it! If you are looking for something to really give your skin that radiant, healthy sheen, I think one of Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors would be the perfect choice. Pearl is great for light to medium skin tones but they have some other colors that would suit darker tones as well.

So far I have one FOTD HERE where I am wearing Pearl but I will definitely be uploading more soon!

Have you tried any of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors? I would love to get my hands on some of the other colors!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Candles Galore!!

So today's post isn't makeup related at all, but I couldn't resist showing you some candles I bought at Bath and Body works. Autumn is my absolute favorite season--when I saw that the new Fall candle collection had debuted at B&BW, I had to go check everything out! I hope you are candle fans as well--I love the coziness they bring to a room and the fall scents they have are to die for! I included the description of each candle as described by Bath and Body Works on their we go!
Apologies for the iphone quality--I need to buy new batteries for my camera!
Leaves 3 Wick CandleLike an afternoon spent playing in a pile of freshly fallen leaves, this fragrance embodies all the richness of the season and features a medley of ripe delicious apples, red berries and golden nectar. If you could get just one candle to sum up the smell of fall, get this one. Unlike the name, it doesn't smell likes leaves; it smells like a blend of spices, berries, vanilla, cider, honey, etc. It's a very cozy scent yet it's not heavy or overwhelming. It is the smell of fall packed in a jar. Get this one now!!

Marshmallow Fireside 3 Wick Candle: Celebrate the changing season with a warm blend of marshmallows, smoldering woods and creamy vanilla reminiscent of a cozy evening 'round the bonfire. This one is in a tie with Leaves for favorite candle ever (do I sound obsessed? Maybe..) It's a very subtle, comforting scent. It's warm, woodsy and slightly musky but it has the touch of sweetness from marshmallow to offset it. You need to smell this one to understand how unique and delicious it is!! I'll admit, every time I walk by it at home I HAVE to sniff it! lol!! This is probably one I will be repurchasing before they disappear from stores in Spring since it can be used all year!

Pumpkin Cupcake 3 Wick CandleBring the bakery home with a cozy concoction of spiced pumpkin cupcake, rich buttercream and frosted ginger. This smell is yummmyyy. Out of all the pumpkin scents they had this year, this one was my favorite and surprisingly, the least sweet. It was also the most pumpkin-y. Some of the other ones smelled too much like caramel or cinnamon or apple--in other words, they would be so sweet they may give me a headache. This one is a sugary but I can really smell the ginger and pumpkin in it! Definitely recommend trying this one too!

French Baguette Mini Candle: Celebrate a traditional Parisian treasure with the delicious fragrance of a crisp, golden, fresh-baked baguette! actually got this one and the Apple Crumble one below for free from various promotions B&BW has had. French Baguette smells exactly like you think it would--delicious, fresh bread! It's a candle I wasn't expecting to like much, but it smells so so good and subtle. I love lighting it in the kitchen :) I don't usually love scents that smell strongly of food (it just makes me hungry! lol!) but this one is fantastic!

Apple Crumble Mini Candle: Enjoy a scrumptious fall treat with our inviting blend of baked Granny Smith and McIntosh apples topped with sweet vanilla crumble. Apple Crumble on the other hand is a stronger, sweeter smelling candle. It will probably take me a while to go through it--I don't burn sweet scents for a very long time or else they'll give me a headache. It smells like freshly baked apple pie. I would rather eat it than just smell it to be honest lol!

When I bought them, the three wick candles were 2 for $20--then each candle after that is $10. Also, just a reminder if you don't already know, you can get $10 off your purchase if you take a quick survey mentioned at the bottom of a receipt--quick and easy way to save some money! They always have some sort of promotion going on, whether it's on certain candles or other skincare items, so you can get some great new scents for a steal! Basically, I looooove these fall scented candles! I've been using them everyday since I got them and it makes me want the colder weather to get to the East Coast even quicker! I love Fall!

Have you tried any of these candles? Anyone else excited for Fall to get here!?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Essie Fiji

Hey everyone! I thought I'd share another iphone photo of my manicure for the week! Essie Fiji has been a favorite of mine all summer! It's a perfectly opaque baby pink!

Two or Three coats needed--I think I used two here and I did experience some slight chipping on day 3. Not as good as my Zoya wear time but I love this color so much I don't mind touching up!

What have you been wearing on your nails? Have you tried Fiji!?


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