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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Candles Galore!!

So today's post isn't makeup related at all, but I couldn't resist showing you some candles I bought at Bath and Body works. Autumn is my absolute favorite season--when I saw that the new Fall candle collection had debuted at B&BW, I had to go check everything out! I hope you are candle fans as well--I love the coziness they bring to a room and the fall scents they have are to die for! I included the description of each candle as described by Bath and Body Works on their we go!
Apologies for the iphone quality--I need to buy new batteries for my camera!
Leaves 3 Wick CandleLike an afternoon spent playing in a pile of freshly fallen leaves, this fragrance embodies all the richness of the season and features a medley of ripe delicious apples, red berries and golden nectar. If you could get just one candle to sum up the smell of fall, get this one. Unlike the name, it doesn't smell likes leaves; it smells like a blend of spices, berries, vanilla, cider, honey, etc. It's a very cozy scent yet it's not heavy or overwhelming. It is the smell of fall packed in a jar. Get this one now!!

Marshmallow Fireside 3 Wick Candle: Celebrate the changing season with a warm blend of marshmallows, smoldering woods and creamy vanilla reminiscent of a cozy evening 'round the bonfire. This one is in a tie with Leaves for favorite candle ever (do I sound obsessed? Maybe..) It's a very subtle, comforting scent. It's warm, woodsy and slightly musky but it has the touch of sweetness from marshmallow to offset it. You need to smell this one to understand how unique and delicious it is!! I'll admit, every time I walk by it at home I HAVE to sniff it! lol!! This is probably one I will be repurchasing before they disappear from stores in Spring since it can be used all year!

Pumpkin Cupcake 3 Wick CandleBring the bakery home with a cozy concoction of spiced pumpkin cupcake, rich buttercream and frosted ginger. This smell is yummmyyy. Out of all the pumpkin scents they had this year, this one was my favorite and surprisingly, the least sweet. It was also the most pumpkin-y. Some of the other ones smelled too much like caramel or cinnamon or apple--in other words, they would be so sweet they may give me a headache. This one is a sugary but I can really smell the ginger and pumpkin in it! Definitely recommend trying this one too!

French Baguette Mini Candle: Celebrate a traditional Parisian treasure with the delicious fragrance of a crisp, golden, fresh-baked baguette! actually got this one and the Apple Crumble one below for free from various promotions B&BW has had. French Baguette smells exactly like you think it would--delicious, fresh bread! It's a candle I wasn't expecting to like much, but it smells so so good and subtle. I love lighting it in the kitchen :) I don't usually love scents that smell strongly of food (it just makes me hungry! lol!) but this one is fantastic!

Apple Crumble Mini Candle: Enjoy a scrumptious fall treat with our inviting blend of baked Granny Smith and McIntosh apples topped with sweet vanilla crumble. Apple Crumble on the other hand is a stronger, sweeter smelling candle. It will probably take me a while to go through it--I don't burn sweet scents for a very long time or else they'll give me a headache. It smells like freshly baked apple pie. I would rather eat it than just smell it to be honest lol!

When I bought them, the three wick candles were 2 for $20--then each candle after that is $10. Also, just a reminder if you don't already know, you can get $10 off your purchase if you take a quick survey mentioned at the bottom of a receipt--quick and easy way to save some money! They always have some sort of promotion going on, whether it's on certain candles or other skincare items, so you can get some great new scents for a steal! Basically, I looooove these fall scented candles! I've been using them everyday since I got them and it makes me want the colder weather to get to the East Coast even quicker! I love Fall!

Have you tried any of these candles? Anyone else excited for Fall to get here!?

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  1. I got the autumn leaves one and pumpkin carmel latte ones. I did like the marshmallow one as well. I love B&BW holiday candles!!



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