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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mac Lady Danger: Queen of the warm reds

I have had my eye on Mac's Lady Danger lipstick for a looooooong time. It was continually out of stock at the Mac stores near me and is not available at department store counters. I always prefer to shop in store so I can swatch it to see how it will look on my skintone--so the obsessive shopper in me HAD to see it in person!! I finally got my hands on it and it is undeniable love.

Lady Danger is an incredibly pigmented, opaque, matte shade. It's a beautiful red-orange--it's definitely a different look than the Mac Runaway Red I posted about a while ago. Whenever I look at it I can't help but think of old hollywood glamour--pairing a bold red lip with cat eye liner. This is my first matte lipstick from Mac and I was very pleased that it didn't dry my lips out at all. I don't own many matte lipsticks as I usually prefer a more moisturizing, glossy finish--however the matte finish really makes the shade last longer and the bold lip looks so much more eye-catching in this finish. I just have to make sure my lips are exfoliated and smooth before wearing it!

Here's some other lipsticks to compare it to...
Mac Runaway Red, Revlon Candy Apple Lip Butter, Mac Lady Danger, Mac Morange
I threw Mac Runaway into the mix so you could see how different the blue-base in Runaway Red looks in comparison to the warm orange tones in Lady Danger. Both beautiful reds and both completely different! It's nice to have both a cool and warm option for red lipsticks.
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple is a warm red but not nearly opaque--it's a glossy more sheer formula. It's also not as intense on the lips nor as warm.
I was afraid Mac Morange and Lady Danger would be too similar but they're actually completely different--sadly my camera is failing to capture just how different. Lady Danger is a red with a coral/orange undertone while Mac Morange is straightforward orange! In person it's much lighter than Lady Danger (I'm so frustrated my camera failed to pick that up. The Lady Danger swatch is pretty accurate but Morange is really much more orange--no red tones in there at all). They're both very bold and perfect lip colors for summer--just wear with confidence ;)

I am so in love with Lady Danger. I'm surprised at how brave I have become---a year ago I would have run away from a color so bright, but now I can't resist it! Here's a FOTD I did with it!

What's your go-to bright lipstick when you feel like wearing a bold lip!??


  1. The lipstick looks really beautiful.It sucks when things are out of stock,I know what you´re talking about ;) xx

  2. I have the Morange and I love it!must check out the Lady Danger :) x Marina

  3. I have always wnated this lipstick! love it!

  4. Mac is always very good - and I have so much love for brightly coloured lipstick!

  5. Oh how I've wanted this shade. I won't buy MAC anymore but I do have some things I can Back 2 Mac... and I feel ethically ok with that ;)

  6. Oh crap, I DO need this shade. *scadaddles off to MAC store*

  7. Lady Danger is a great shade!!! I have it for quite a long time now and always go back to it. I must say that's the most "orange" I've gone :s



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