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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bronze Eyeshadow Swatches: Mac Tempting, Urban Decay Smog, Nars Kalahari, & Inglot

If I had to choose a favorite eyeshadow color to use, my favorite would most definitely be a shimmery bronzey brown. Call me boring when there are so many vibrant colors to choose from, but I can't help it! I absolutely love a shimmery chocolate smokey eye more than anything else. I think brown is flattering on all eye colors and it can be made subtle enough for daytime or dramatic for evening. I just hit pan on two bronze colors in my eyeshadow collection so I thought I'd do some comparison swatches for you before I finish them up!

Inglot 409 on the left, Nars Kalahari on the top, Urban Decay Smog in the middle and Mac Tempting (with the huge bit of pan showing!) on the right!
Comparison swatches! L-R Inglot 409, Urban Decay Smog, Mac Tempting, Nars Kalahari
From Left to right:
Inglot 409 pearl: This bronze has a bit more red warmth to it, especially compared to Urban Decay Smog and is a bit darker--though I do think it's similar on the lid. Both 409 and  Kalahari are a little bit rosier and don't have as much of a golden undertone as Smog & Tempting. Inglot makes a bunch of gorgeous bronzey colors--I think #406 (which I don't have) might be more similar to Smog. I love this one and the texture and pigmentation, like most Inglot eyeshadows, is amazing.
Urban Decay Smog: This one is probably my favorite one and the ultimate bronze in my opinion! The texture is incredibly soft and buttery. It also has the most gold tones to it which I find utterly flattering on the eyes. As you can see I've hit pan on this one in the Naked 1 Palette--I'll definitely be repurchasing a single in the future!
Mac Tempting: This was actually one of the first Mac eyeshadows I ever got, back in my teens! Out of all of them, this probably has the grittiest texture--it blends well but it isn't as buttery smooth or as pigmented like the others. Once I finish this one I won't repurchase, just because I have others I prefer. It's very similar to Urban Decay's Smog so I'd definitely recommend skipping this one and going for Smog if you have to choose between the two.
Nars Kalahari (left side): This is a gold, rosey bronze and also the most shimmery of the bunch.  Now that I'm looking at it, it actually looks like a lighter version of Inglot 409 undertone wise! The texture is so soft and really makes a beautiful lid color.

That's all for today! I hope these swatches are helpful if you are in the market for a pretty bronzey brown eyeshadow! I love them all though Urban Decay Smog is my favorite with Inglot 409 and Kalahari in a tie for second place!

Do you have a lot of one color in your makeup collection? Any other bronze eyeshadow lovers out there!? What's your favorite!?


  1. Smog is one of my favorite shadows! Love it!

  2. I'm also obsessed with Smog, I agree that it is the perfect tone of golden bronze!

  3. Look at all that pan! I have yet to try Inglot pearls; I really must one day.

  4. I love UD's Smog! Their liquid liner in that shade is also amazing :)


  5. Ooh, I'm a sucker for bronze eye shadows so these swatches are super helpful! Don't own any of these shades at the moment, but UD Smog and MAC Tempting have both been in my makeup bag in the past. Kalahari looks lovely as well :)

  6. They are all such pretty colours and so similar, I think I prefer Smog the most, as it is the only one I have out of these anyway haha. These colours look beautiful on you so I can see why you love them! xx

  7. Smog is hard not to love!! haha

  8. yay another person who loves Smog! It really is perfect!

  9. Definitely, they are a fantastic formula!

  10. Ooh a liquid liner version of that color sounds beautiful!!

  11. Definitely go for Smog if you can!! Great thing is Urban Decay has Smog in a handful of their palettes so you can get a nice deal on a bunch of other colors too!

  12. Aw thank you! Yeah Smog is amazing!!! :)



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