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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mac Ever Hip Lipstick with Swatches

Today I went by the mall near me and of COURSE i had to walk by the makeup counters...I was pleasantly surprised that one of the Mac makeup artists told me they had one Mac Ever Hip lipstick left in stock (from the recent "Fashion Flower" collection, see temptalia for more info!). Online it seems like makeup lovers have been freaking out over the repromotion of this lipstick, so I would have been crazy to pass up something so wonderful, right? Nothing else had really caught my eye but this lipstick so I went ahead and got it. This is my second mac lipstick ever and after trying it on I am SO glad i purchased this! It's the perfect color for spring and summer!
On to the pics...
Ever hip is an extremely gorgeous creamy pinky-coral. I think it pulls a little bit more pink on me, which makes it more wearable on my skin tone. It's also a Cremesheen formula. To be perfectly honest, the only other lipstick from Mac I have is "Fanfare" which is also a Cremesheen formula. I can't compare it to the other various Mac formulas, but I really love the texture. It's creamy, glossy, and not completely opaque (though you can build the color up to be!). It's extremely moisturizing on my lips, I just love this lipstick formula!

I attempted to find a dupe within my revlon lipsticks (my favorite drugstore brand for lip products!). Overall, I didn't find anything identical in my collection...

-Mac Fanfare and Revlon Pink in the Afternoon are much more pink. Fanfare is also a bit darker.
-Revlon Smoked Peach, is a matte, and is more orange
-Revlon Rosedew looked the most similar out of all of them when swatched lightly, but it was still much too rosy in comparison.
-Revlon Peach & Revlon Demure are both too orange as well.

No complaints from me for not finding a dupe, I love not having two of the same thing in my makeup collection! ;)

Hope the swatches were helpful! If you are a pinky-coral lipstick lover, then this is definitely one to get your hands on. It would also be a great lipstick to try if you're a girl that doesn't do really bright lipsticks (especially those bright oranges and corals that are very popular this season) but still wants to wear some color. I think it would be beautiful on all types of skin tones!


  1. I wasnt going to get anything from the Fashion Flower collection but this swatch makes me what Ever Hip now! I hope they arent sold out *cross my fingers*

  2. I just came across your blog the other day. I love it! I like read through most of it! Your looks are amazing. I ordered Ever Hip online and I'm like dying for it to get to me, such a gorgeous coral. I have also decided that I now need that revlon smoked peach. :)

  3. @Janalyn, I hope you can still get your hands on it. The collection came out a few days ago but I was still able to get one at the mac counter near me!

    @Michelle Anne, thank you so much! You're going to love Ever Hip. Smoked peach is sooo pretty, i've been loving that one as well!

  4. I bought the Ever Hip lipstick when it was part of the Liberty of London collection and I LOVE IT!! I didn't buy it again because its very rare that I get to the bottom of a lip stick! I love your website and I've been visiting for a little while - Keep up the great work! P.S. I loved that you named two of my favourite lipsticks, Fanfare has been a favourite of mine for a long time too.

  5. thanks so much sarah! i've never gotten to the bottom of a lipstick either haha

  6. Ever Hip is such a perfect pretty pink-coral shade! I love pinks and corals and I think Ever Hip is the perfect shade for me. Thanks for sharing!



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