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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anastasia Brow Powder

I've come a long long long way with my brows. Up until 2 years ago I had never touched a pair of tweezer or got them threaded or waxed. I was not blessed with nice, clean arched brows. I had crazy thick, shapeless brows with stray hairs everywhere. In college I finally plucked them myself but it was a slow process because I was determined to avoid over plucking! Only the last few months have I FINALLY gotten a handle on the shape I like my brows to be. I started using Anastasia brow powder about a year ago to really define my brows and it makes a HUGE difference, I wish I had paid attention to my brows so much more. They really do frame your face more than anything. If you need something new to fill in your brows, take a look at Anastasia brow powder here:
I use "Brunette." I believe there are 5 other color options!

Here's why I love this powder:

Pigmentation & Texture: For some reason, the texture and pigmentation of this powder make it impossible to go overboard with application. I definitely need to dip my brush in a few times to build up color, but thats exactly what I want. It applies very smoothly and lightly. I feel like I have total control on how much product I want to use. Also, since it's a powder, I feel like it goes on a bit more natural (in my opinion! I think i'd be too heavy handed if I ever tried using a pencil). It really doesn't look like they are filled in with product!
Color: This is definitely subjective since everyone has different brow colors. Brunette is really a perfect match for me. I have medium brown hair and the colors match really well. I usually use a mixture: a few taps of the brush in the left side, then one tap on the right. Brunette is also not too warm or cool toned, its perfectly balanced for my taste (probably a touch more red/warm toned). If you are a brunette and your hair is more ash brown this might be too warm for you.
Staying Power: I have combo/oily skin so I really need products that will withstand my oils. This powder is really fantastic, it literally does not budge! I've been wearing it everyday in the summer heat and it always stays on. I really love that about it!

The only thing I don't love is the price tag. I believe it retails for $22. I think that's pretty pricey for a brow powder. However I've used this for two years and you can see I've made the tiniest dent on the left side. It definitely has another couple years to go. If you can get it at a discount I'd definitely go for it (that's what i did!lol) I'm sure other powders or eyeshadows can do the job just as well, but this is just what I like to use for the time being ;)

I can't really say how it compares to other brow products since this is pretty much it for me. It's the first brow product I ever bought and I haven't felt the need to try anything else since I'm so happy with it. If you've been wanting to try filling in your brows or want to try Anastasia brow powder, I definitely recommend it! I've seen them sold at Sephora and Ulta, so you can swatch for your color match.

Have you tried Anastasia brow products? What do you prefer to fill in your brows with?


  1. I love this brow duo too!! I only discovered it earlier this year and it has worked better than any other brow product I have used =)

  2. One of the best products! I have used this for the past few years, and even though I veer to other products, this one keeps being a repurchase! I just hate the price point!



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