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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Most Used Eye Brushes!

I've been wanting to do a post on my most used eye shadow brushes for a while now. Brushes are definitely something that I really love to collect. I don't know what it is about them, but i love trying new brushes all the time! The ones in this post are definitely favorites out of the ones that I own!

Sephora Professionnel Angled Liner Brush #15
-Sephora Professionnel Angled Liner Brush #15: I bought this brush a few years ago when I just started getting more into makeup. I originally bought this intending to try it with gel eyeliner and i HATED it. The line came out too thick for my taste and did not apply as smoothly as I would have liked. However, this brush has worked perfectly for filling in my eyebrows with my Anastasia brow powder. It may not be precise enough for some ladies since it's not particularly stiff, but for me it works well since I fill in my eyebrows with the tiniest amount of product.

Top: Loew-Cornell 7300 Shader, Bottom: Mac 210
 -Loew-Cornell 7300 Shader: I found this brush at Michael's almost 2 years ago when I wanted to find a better brush to use with my gel eyeliner (since I disliked the Sephora angled liner brush for the liner!). I can't say enough good things about this brush. It applies the liner as thin or as thick as I want it. The best part about it? It was sooo inexpensive. I can't remember how much it was exactly but I don't think I paid more than $3 or $4!!
-Mac 210: I found this brush recently at my Cosmetic Company Outlet and couldn't pass it up at such a discounted price! This brush applies the liner a little more precisely than my Loew-Cornell brush so it's a bit easier to do thinner or winged eyeliner. It applies the liner perfectly. I love both of these brushes equally and like to alternate them so I have a clean one when the other is dirty!

ULTA Professional Eyeshadow Brush
-ULTA Professional Eyeshadow Brush: I really like using this brush primarily for applying a highlight to the brow bone. It also works for applying one color lightly all over the lid, but I tend to use it for that only if all my other brushes are dirty lol. I got this brush because I wanted something similar to the Mac 227 which Mac labels as a large fluff brush. To be completely honest, although I don't own the mac brush, I doubt this is a dupe. I think I would like this brush a lot more if the brush was more dense. For something so simple as applying and blending a highlight, it works perfectly. I'd probably like to replace it with a different brush someday, but at the moment it works!

Top: Real Techniques Shading Brush, Bottom: Mac 239
 -Real Techniques Shading Brush: I own a few Real Techinques brushes and so far, I think the quality of the brushes are fantastic. I am a huge fan of this shader brush. It picks up a lot of eyeshadow, lays down color, and applies very smoothly!
-Mac 239: I've owned this brush for a few years and it's a great eyeshadow brush. It packs on eyeshadow really well and very precisely! It picks up color very well--sometimes I do have to realllly pack it on, but overall it picks up and deposits the color nicely. Because of the size and shape I feel like I'm able to apply color exactly where I want it: it helps put specific colors on certain parts of the lid (for example if i want an inner corner color, one on the lid, and one on the outer lid). You can also use the tip of it to apply color to the outer-v or crease! Definitely an eye shadow brush to consider if you need a great, versatile brush!

Mac 219 Pencil Brush
 -Mac 219: This brush literally changed the way I apply my makeup. I got this brush as a gift in December and have used it every single day since I got it! Before this brush I felt like I always struggled to define my outer-v. I just couldn't do it! My shadow would just look messy and muddy with no definition. The Mac 219 applies the eyeshadow perfectly to define the outer-v and crease. It also works great to put eyeshadow on the lower lash line. It's essential for creating a smokey eye. I really can't say enough good things about this brush and am yet to find one like it at a lower price. I truly think this is a must-have and probably my favorite brush of the bunch!

Top: Rock & Republic Blending Brush, Middle: Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush, Bottom: Mac 217
-Rock & Republic Blending Brush: I mentioned this brush when I first got it one of my Rock & Republic Haul posts from March. This brush is my largest crease brush and super soft. It's great a blending out the crease to soften the transition between the crease and brow bone.
-Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush: This was my first blending brush from a few years ago and I still love it! It blends the crease out really well. It's not as soft as my R&R brush but I still love it! I alternate between my this and my Rock & Republic brush since they both serve similar purposes.
-Mac 217: This is another one of my favorite brushes ever. I use this together with my Mac 219 for perfect results. First I apply eyeshadow to the crease and outer-v with the 219, then blend what was applied with the Mac 217. Another way I use it is to apply color to the crease since it fits perfectly in my socket! It also works great to apply color to the lid (a little lighter than the mac 239).

I really hope you found this post helpful! Out of all these brushes, I think the ones that I couldn't live without are the mac 219, mac 217, mac 239, and either one of the eyeliner brushes I mentioned (leaning more towards the mac 210). Mac brushes are really expensive and it's taken me years and years to build up my collection but I genuinely think that there are fantastic eyeshadow brushes at all different prices!

What are some of your favorite eye brushes that you like to use!?


  1. I like this post, it gives me encouragement that mayb one day I can have a great MAC brush collection ha ha....i have ELF brushes and they seem to be pretty good but I need a good blending brush!

  2. k I officially need the 219...

  3. :) I have most of these brushes.. and I still want more! BTW, I followed you from the beauty blog hop thing.

  4. I think you should go and check out my newest blog post. You might like what you see! <3



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