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Monday, February 4, 2013

Zoya Toni

Hey guys!
I'm back with yet another Zoya polish-- Toni! A little while ago I was fortunate enough to win a Zoya giveaway hosted by the lovely Kristina at SasquatchSwatch! I was sent two colors (Toni & Natty) from the Zoya 2012 Designers Collection. As you may know from reading my blog, Zoya is my favorite brand for nail polish, so I was absolutely ecstatic to get two more to add to my growing collection! I took a quick picture of it on Instagram so you could see what a pretty color it is:

Toni is a dark, berry wine color. It's a beautiful cream finish and is perfectly opaque in two coats. The finish is glossy though it looks even more so in the photo because I have nailtiques over the top of it.

I couldn't recommend Zoya polishes enough--Toni is yet another lovely one! If you're interested in any of my other Zoya posts, you can check HERE---on that post you can also read my summary of Zoya's Share the Love points program (yet another reason why I love Zoya--they are always having great promotions!).

What do you think of Zoya Toni? Have you taken advantage of any of the Zoya promotions they've had in the past few months?


  1. This colour is BEAUTIFUL! I've never tried Zoya nail polishes as they're not stocked in Australia...but I'll definitely have to try and purchase this online.

    Pauline @

  2. I can't recommend Zoya more! Have fun picking colors out--there's a ton too choose from!

  3. Hello Manda. This clour is gorgeous. I also love Zoya nailpolishes but only have 2. Which brand for nailpolish do you also like?

    xoxo Nika

  4. Zoya is definitely my favorite--I also like Essie and OPI. I've also been very curious to try the Revlon colorstay polishes--hopefully I can pick up a few when they go on sale!



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