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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zoya Share The Love

Hey everyone!
I just thought I'd do a quick post on Zoya's new points program: Share the Love! You may know from reading my blog that Zoya is my favorite nail polish brand--not only do they have amazing colors and formula but they are constantly doing promotions. I've gotten a few free nail polishes thanks to the deals they randomly have on their Facebook page!! Feel free to read all about their new program here.

I'll point out some of the main points though. Basically, if you sign up for a Zoya account through a "share the love" personal link in the month of April you automatically get a free nail polish with your first order. I believe once we're out of April that will turn into a $5 coupon! Additionally, their Facebook page is also having deals (like get 100 free points for sharing a promotion they're having!).

Here is my personal link to create your own Zoya account: 

If you go through my link above then i would get 100 "share the love points" if you create account and place an online order. Additionally, once you create your own account you too can "share the love" with your own link to earn points. 200 points gets you a free nail polish, 300 gets you a $10 coupon, 500 gets you a $15 coupon and 1000 points can get you a free sampler from their new collections (the Beach & Surf collection is the sampler for the month of April!). There's a few other promos as well that you can read about on the site. I believe they are going to be changing the promotions often so you can redeem different things for different amount of points.

Anyway I just though it's a great idea and another way you can save money and get a good deal! I would be so grateful if you decided to sign up for a Zoya account through my link above, but also feel free to just visit the Zoya website directly ( and make an account. No pressure at all! I'm just spreading the word on a brand I love!

Here's a few Zoya's that I have posted on my blog so far:






Sooki (added 4/2012)

Kotori (added 8/2012) 

Any other Zoya lovers out there?? I hope this was helpful to you if you are already a Zoya fan or are interested in trying them out! Let me know your favorites!! I am planning to do some more posts on them soon!


  1. I want to get some Zoya polishes but I just can't afford to buy polishes at the moment :(

  2. Jem looks so pretty.

  3. I'm really loving Blair & Jem! Thanks for sharing! :)



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