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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Ever since Real Techniques brushes came out they have taken the cosmetic world by storm. Real Techniques has managed to make great quality makeup brushes available at super affordable prices. They're also 100% cruelty free! I have a couple of her brushes and I love them all. The Expert Face Brush just may be my favorite of the bunch--it has become my go-to for applying foundation!
I've tried all types of foundation brushes--flat ones, stippling brushes, fluffy ones, etc. This one is the best. It is a sort of paddle shape but instead of being flat like a typical foundation brush, it's rounded and thick--making it perfect for buffing in foundation too. The bristles are incredibly soft, but because of the density it is also very firm. It blends my tinted moisturizers and liquid foundations like a dream and leaves my skin with an airbrushed finish. I usually dot my foundation all over my skin with my fingers and then I use the expert face brush to blend. It's just fantastic and makes blending foundation so, so effortless. If I were to recommend one foundation brush from the drugstore or from Sephora, I would definitely say to try this one first.

I also wanted to mention that it cleans very easily and it hasn't shed any hairs either. I wash it with a few drops of Dr. Bronners soap--works like a dream! I've had this brush for almost a year now and so far the handle has not started to peel like the handle of my blush brush (check out that review HERE).

I found mine at Ulta for $8.99--and as always there are coupons available all the time so it works out to be an even better deal. I've seen Real Techniques brushes pop up in a lot more locations recently--Bed Bath & Beyond, beauty supply stores, etc.

What do you think about the Expert Face Brush? Do you have any favorite Real Techniques brushes? I'm dying to try more and would love to hear your thoughts on other ones you like!


  1. Great review! Oredered the set online few days ago and i'm super excited to get mine. :)

  2. Great review!! I really want this brush!!

  3. ooh i hope you love them as much as I do!

  4. the expert face brush is my favorite one! oh and the powder brush too :)

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  5. JenniferMonfortonMarch 13, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    Sounds like the ideal foundation brush! I've been wanting to try the Real Techniques brushes so badly- love how affordable they are and that they're cruelty-free :)


  6. I love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx

  7. Do you think RT brushes are better than Sephora's? I want to buy a concealer brush. By the way, nice blog, I've just subscribed:)

  8. I think there's hits in both RT & Sephora's, though at this point I definitely have more RT brushes just because they're cheaper! I actually really love the RT setting brush for concealer & setting powder under the eyes too! I did a review on that here: Real Techniques: Blush & Setting Powder Brushes

  9. I love real techniques brushes, especially this one, I love it for liquid and cream foundation :)



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