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Friday, March 1, 2013

Nars Rue Bonaparte Vs. Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude Eyeliner

Today I have a battle of the nude eyeliners!! For nearly a year, Nars Rue Bonaparte has been a staple in my makeup bag. Nars Rue Bonaparte is a creamy, nude colored eyeliner pencil. I have loved using a nude color on the waterline. I used to use black on the waterline all the time but dark colors on the waterline can actually make eyes look smaller. I still love using black, especially with smokier eyes but I have found that nude is a wonderful alternative. Nude eyeliner covers up any pink on the waterline that can make you look tired and makes your eyes look much more wide eyed and open.

Nars Rue Bonaparte has a wonderfully creamy texture and is the perfect soft matte nude color to make eyes look bright. I already used up one pencil completely and am currently working through a second one--that's how much I love the effect! So when Rimmel came out with their new Scandaleyes waterproof eyeliners, I was ecstatic to hear that they came out with a nude color! After watching THIS video from makeup artist Josh Collier, I KNEW I had to try them. The idea of finding a drugstore dupe that performs better than a high end product always gets me excited ;)

As you can see in the picture below, Rimmel Scandaleyes on the left is the slightest bit darker however they both have the same eye opening effect on the eyes. For my skin tone I can wear either but if you have a lighter skin tone than me, Nars Rue Bonaparte may be more flattering.

Left, Rimmel Scandaleeyes Right, Nars Rue Bonaparte
In terms of wear time, I have to say Rimmel absolutely takes the win! Nars Rue Bonaparte looks so nice on the eyes but it never lasted as long as I wanted on my waterline. Rue Bonaparte's wear time was always the one critique. It probably lasts 3 hours until it wears off and I have to reapply. Rimmel on the other hand lasts all day, at least double the wear time of Nars. I am so impressed!! I also think the Rimmel texture is the slightest bit softer, which is always a plus when rubbing a pencil on the waterline.

The only thing I would change about Rimmel Scandaleyes is that they have to be sharpened by a pencil sharpener. The Nars pencil has a twist up mechanism and a tiny sharpener on the back of it. I much prefer that method since less product is wasted and it's just easier for me that way.

If you'd like to see them in action, here's some FOTD's with Rimmel Scandaleyes: 1 & 2. Here's two with Nars Rue Bonaparte: 1 & 2

Price wise, Nars Rue Bonaparte retails for $24 and Rimmel Scandaleyes is around $5 at drugstores. If you've been wanting to try a nude eyeliner, definitely try Rimmel's first! I think Rimmel is the superior product and much, much more affordable!! I am looking forward to trying out the other Scandaleyes colors--if the texture and wear time are the same as the nude one then I don't see any reason to try more expensive eyeliners. I'll be finishing up my Nars Rue Bonaparte, but after that I don't see a reason to repurchase it now that there is such a fantastic dupe! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Have you tried a nude eyeliner on the waterline? How about the new Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliners??


  1. awesome! i'm definitely going to try this out. great review

  2. I wanna get this one!! I already own the black Scandaleyes and it´s brilliant!

  3. Rimmel Scandaleyes is my all time favourite Kohl Eyeliner! I love them so much and have a giveaway for one and some other things on my blog at the minute! I am a new follower :D - Check my GIVEAWAY out when you have a chance :D

  4. yay! did you get the regular black or the sparkling black one? Can't decide which to try next!

  5. Yeah I'm so impressed with them! Thanks for checking my blog out! I'll definitely take a look at yours!

  6. Awww great review, i have this nars & i love it.x

  7. Hi! thanks for your post! it´s good information! ;-) I´m following you now. Would you like to follow my blog? xx

  8. thank you! I'm so glad, they are both great products!

  9. This looks great. I really want the Rimmel eyeliner!

  10. Thank u!!! I love the rimmel but was thinking about ordering nars. Now I can spend my money on other things thank u for comparing and sharing :)



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