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Friday, April 5, 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush: Lover's Blush

Estee Lauder has certainly been making a comeback in the makeup world ever since makeup artist Tom Pecheux became the creative genius behind Estee Lauder's pure color lines. They have come out with a number of exciting products--more pigmented eyeshadows, new lipsticks, colored mascaras, etc. Last year, Estee Lauder's blush line was completely revamped into the Pure Color Blush line we know now. Their blushes are definitely giving blush frontrunners like Nars, Mac, & Illamasqua a run for their money! I've been using the shade "Lover's Blush" a lot recently.
They're housed in a large gold compact and contain a mini brush for touchups. I personally don't like when companies include mini brushes--I usually find the quality to be quite useless and it just takes up space in the compact. I've just kept mine in there unused. The blush size is quite generous, you get .25oz. For the exact same price of $28, you only get .16oz in a Nars blush. Something to think about there! I remember when Nars blushes were much less than they are now and the were same size! Don't get me wrong, I still love my Nars blushes!!

Here's a swatch of the color:

Lover's Blush is a warm peachy, rose shade with bits of gold throughout. The gold is definitely not a gritty, chunky glitter--it's a very, very subtle gold shimmer. This shade would be particularly flattering on warmer skintones. The color is absolutely perfect for giving you a soft, glowy look and because it's not a strong color it can go well with so many different looks. It's become one of my go-to blushes when I want a dewy but natural cheek. You can see me wearing it in this FOTD!!

The Pure Color blush line is heavily pigmented yet also very buildable if you use a light touch. Just a tap in the pan is perfect for the first layer of blush. The texture is soft and powdery, making it easy and quick to blend. As always with blushes, the most important is how long it lasts. I'm happy to report that it lasts all day--a solid 6-7 hours for me and my combo/oily skin!

I really don't have negatives to say about this blush. I think the quality is wonderful and you can see for yourself in person that the shade range is great if you're looking for a wearable color. Many of them are variations on pinks, roses, and peaches. I hope in the future that they come out with more punchy, bold shades, I'd be all over those! Only major negative is the pricetag of $28--though because of the large size it will probably last forever!

What do you think of Lover's blush? Have you tried any makeup from Estee Lauder? I have been using their Advanced Night Repair Serum for a while now and also have a tube of Double Wear Light foundation I need to start using--the serum is incredible, I love it!


  1. Wow, this shade looks absolutely lovely! Reminds me a bit of NARS Deep Throat, which is my favouriite blush ever. Estee Lauder really has been stepping up their game! :)

  2. Ohhh I'm going to swatch those two next to each other later!

  3. I have been absolutey dying to get an estee lauder product, the packaging itself warrants the purchase i think! beautiful! xx



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