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Monday, April 4, 2011

2nd Rock and Republic Eyeshadow Haul & Swatchesl!!

So I made one more R&R haul on hautelook last month and picked up a few more eyeshadows since they are being discontinued! Here's some pics and swatches of what I got!

Ambition: shimmery yellow- gold that flashes yellow and gold and creamChronic: forest green
Envy: dark emerald green
Twisted: blue based purple
Ambition, Chronic, Envy, Twisted

All my R&R babies

Tried to show some comparison swatches above!
-Ambition: couldn't really find a dupe in my shadows. Mac Creme de miel is not as shimmery and is more yellow
-Chronic: Nouveau Monde is much more olive than green
-Envy: same color family as Mac Humid but richer and darker
-Twisted: Nocturnelle is more red based. UD Purple Haze is in a similar color family but has more of a sheen and is a bit lighter. Twisted also has more blue in it than Purple Haze.

The quality of the shadows is really wonderful. Buttery, blendable, pigmented, and long-lasting. Get your hands on them if you can!

If you're interested in seeing my first post on R&R eyeshadows please click here.
Hope the swatches were helpful! Do you have any R&R eyeshadows you love!? let me know ;)


  1. Amanda, out of all the shades you have from R&R, which ones do you think are the most unique?

  2. hmm i'd probably say the most unique are Tempting, Snakeskin, and Ambition

  3. I love all mine! Lovely R&R collection! I LOVE Lost! It is my fav... reminds me of Mekong in a way.. or Galapagos.. get them mixed up



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