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Friday, August 5, 2011

American Apparel Summer Peach

Any nail polish lovers reading? I used to be a nail biter but in the last year or so kicked the habit (woo!). I've been using Nailtiques 2 to build up the strength in my nails so they're a lot stronger and they actually grow now that I don't bite them (duh. haha). Now that I have nails, I've been developing a new habit in buying nail polishes! Here's a swatch of American Apparel Summer Peach, one that I've been liking a lot this summer :)

Warning though, my nails are not anything to brag about, but at least you can see the color!

Summer peach is a really, really pale peach. I bought this color a few months ago before the summer and it looked really awful when my skin was more pale. It was just too light of a color for my lighter skin so i saved it for summer. I think this color is more easily pulled off on tanned skin. Now that I have a tan, I think the peach looks quite nice and it sticks out a bit more.

I used 3 coats (although it was pretty much opaque and creamy in 2 coats) and a layer of Nailtiques 2 over the top to seal. I found the polish easy to apply. I noticed it was a bit thick in comparison to some OPI and Essie nail polishes I own, but it was still easy to use! I believe it was 3 for $15 when I bought them :)

What do you think of this color? Any favorite summer nail polish colors?


  1. I have this!! love it! JS xx

  2. My nails used to be really brittle, and they'd crack and split CONSTANTLY... but finding Nailtiques 2 and a good crystal file was a total game changer.

    My whole life, I was lucky if my nails grew to the tips of my fingers before breaking off one by one. Now I have the luxury of actually getting annoyed by how often I have to file them down (at least once, if not twice a week) to keep them under control!



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