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Saturday, August 20, 2011

theBalm Frat Boy Blush

I was at Marshalls last week with my mom and i completely hit the jackpot! My store (and some other TJMaxx and Marshalls locations too!) was filled with tons of skincare and makeup items from theBalm! Even better was that they weren't tampered with! I picked up a bunch of things but thought I'd devote the first post to Frat Boy Blush!

theBalm describes it as a "peachy-apricot." on my skin i'd say it's a bit more on the peachy-pinky-coral side than apricot (i'd say colors like illamasqua lover or Nars Luster are in the apricot color vicinity!) It's a matte blush so there's no shimmer or sparkle, but it is VERY pigmented and smooth! It leaves a nice punch of color to the cheeks but not in an overwhelming way. The color is very flattering. I don't think it's too warm or cool so I can see it working on a lot of different skin tones. Even more impressive was how long it lasted--all day! 

I like the simplicity of theBalm blush packaging and the vintage design on the front is really cute! It's housed in a magnetized cardboard palette...despite it not being in a typical plastic case, the cardboard is pretty sturdy. I haven't had an issue with it and as long as the packaging protects the actual product, I'm easy to please ;)

Here's two other matte blushes I compared it too...

L-R, Rock & Republic Bedroom, theBalm Frat Boy, Illamasqua Hussy
without flash
As you can see, Rock & Republic bedroom is darker and has a bit more orange to it. Illamasqua hussy is more of a bright pink and doesn't have the little bit of coral undertone that Frat Boy has. I'm definitely a fan of all three matte formulas, they all apply and blend beautifully.

At Marshalls I was able to snag it for $9.99. Pretty amazing when you compare it to the normal price tag of $21. I would have gladly paid full price for this blush, the quality is most definitely worth it. Search your stores for theBalm if you can! The only downside is a lot of items at Marshalls and TjMaxx get mutilated by rude and selfish customers, so I'll cross my fingers for you that you find them untouched!


  1. im so mad because i bought that same blush from sephora for around $20. it really is a lovely blush and im glad that you enjoy it. i swung by marshalls earlier today to see if they had any of thebalm products. i was lucky to find the new matt(e) eyeshadow palette at a good price and great quality.

  2. lucky! i still haven't come across any eyeshadow palettes at my stores! darn!

    i completely know how you feel. i bought mary-lou manizer a few months ago and my marshalls had a brand new one! i would have waited had i known i could have gotten such a good deal on it!



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