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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Malfunction


In case any of you browse my earlier posts...I wanted to let you know that my pictures have disappeared from most of the February 2011 posts. They were all from my first month of posting, so I'm a bit crushed that the blog posts are kind of non-existant now. I tried to re-upload as many of the pictures as I could, but it seems as though many of the eotd's and swatch pictures from that month are gone for good (and I can't seem to find them on my computer anymore)/ I'm feeling too lazy to re-do all the posts, so please, please let me know if you ever want to see specific swatches or something from a picture that's disappeared and I'll retake the pictures if I can.
Thanks so much for understanding! Enjoy the first week of August, I'll update with more interesting things soon! ;)

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