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Monday, October 31, 2011

OPI Cuckoo For This Color

OPI Cuckoo For This Color came out with OPI's Swiss collection in 2010. I've been completely obsessed with this color lately as I think it's perfect for winter weather and am happy to know that this color is actually a permanent part of the OPI's line. It's an elegant, shimmering emerald green with teal/blue tones to it.

Seriously, how gorgeous is that? I love how dark and rich it is...but not so dark that it looks more black than green. I really think this color would be flattering on anyone!
Application is wonderful--two coats and it was completely opaque and smooth. I've never gone through a bottle of nail polish before, but if I ever went through this one I would definitely repurchase!!

What nail polish are you wearing at the moment?! Do you like wearing greens and teals?
Also, Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. This looks a lot like a colour I got from Forever 21 in August. I love a deep teal for Fall too!

  2. I adore this shade too! It was a bit of a sleeper for me - I didn't think much of it in the bottle but it really pops on the nail, classy but with a bit of bite!

  3. I just discovered your blog and love it! This shade would have matched your peacock look nicely!

  4. this color is soooo needed in my life right now!!! I love emerald greens for fall :))

  5. thanks for the comments everyone! this color is really a winner!
    @kajal i actually wore this color because of the peacock costume at first but I'm definitely going to be wearing it all the time!! lol

  6. I really like this color for Fall, it is very pretty!
    -Little Petite Blog

  7. I definitely need to look for this color now. It's gorgeous.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Hope you find it Bonnie! I found mine at Ulta if that helps :)

  9. You're adorable, I cant even stand it! Thanks for passing by my blog!!

    AND THANK YOU for the lip scrub info! I will be making my own now!!!

    I am following you now!! If you'd like to follow me as well you can find my blog directly @

    Keep up the great work, your blog is fabulous!!!

    Coming from a Professional Makeup Artist, YOUR WORK IS AMAZING AS WELL!!!!


  10. Thank you SO much for such a sweet comment, LC!! That means so much to me that you like my looks! I'm following you on GFC & bloglovin :)

  11. LOVE this color. It is soo pretty!!

  12. I like the color. So fancy and so luxurious.

  13. This looks gorgeous :) and i love the name of it, very cute! OPI has so many beautiful shades, it's hard to resist buying them all haha xx

  14. This is one of my favourite OPI nail polishes, it's perfect for autumn and winter :) xx

  15. Looks good on men



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