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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mac See Sheer Lipstick

I've been wanting to do a post on Mac See Sheer lipstick for a while now. It has been a staple in my purse the last two months--I think it's the perfect color to transition from the warmer summer months to colder weather.

Mac See Sheer is a semi-sheer coral pink lipstick. Depending on your skin tone and pigmentation of your lips, it will come off more coral or more pink. On me it shows up as a coral-reddish shade. Despite the name it is definitely NOT sheer! Although it's a Lustre formula, which is known for being less pigmented, See Sheer can build up to a creamy and glossy opaque color. With a few swipes I get very good coverage so it completely covers my lips. On the other hand, one swipe delivers a soft coral tint. I love the feel of the lustre formula--it doesn't dry out my lips at all. It almost feels like a mixture between a gloss and lipstick.

Here's some lipsticks to compare! See Sheer is in the middle
L-R: Mac Modesty, Mac See Sheer, Revlon Kiss Me Coral
I don't have any lipsticks similar to See Sheer, so I swatched two lipsticks to contrast the color. Mac Modesty on the left has a lot more pink/brown while Revlon's Kiss Me Coral pulls more orange. See Sheer is a beautiful mixture of either end as it combines pink, orange, and a bit of red!

I believe Mac lipsticks retail for $14.50 online and in-store. See Sheer is a really gorgeous and wearable color! During the summer I LOVE wearing coral lipsticks. Now that the cold weather is settling in I really miss the oranges of summer. See Sheer is more of a muted coral so it's very easy to wear not only in the summer, but in the winter as well!

What do you think of Mac See Sheer lipstick? What lipstick have you been wearing to transition from the hot to cold weather??


  1. I miss oranges too and See Sheer looks so pretty!

  2. Its' like modesty + kiss me coral combined. super pretty!

  3. wow such a beautiful color

    xo Jenn

  4. I think this colour would be great for spring/summer too!

  5. I love this color! is it permanent?

  6. I wonder how similair it is to MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

    I am loving MAC Plumful as my from summer to winter lipstick (and back)

  7. pretty!! thank you for the comparison too :)))

  8. I like the color and photos. Very lovely blog.

  9. It's my favorite colour for the whole year! Plus if you collect 6 empty lipsticks and bring to the Mac, they will give you one at no charge. Amazing....



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