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Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses!

I recently bought 3 new colorburst lipglosses that came out with the Revlon Spice It Up Holiday Collection. I came across the display at a grocery store:

As you may know from reading my blog, Revlon makes some of my favorite lip products! I couldn't resist picking up a few!
L-R Cheers, Ignite, Chilled 

Cheers: a opaque raspberry color and my personal favorite! It's very vibrant and gorgeous on the lips!
Ignite: a glittery, warm red/orange
Chilled: sheer and colorless with lots of shimmer. I've really been wanting a clear lipgloss that could be applied over any color for extra oomph!

Ignite and Chilled both have glitter in them--the texture is a bit more gritty, but I personally don't mind it. I think it gives a really pretty effect on the lips! If you hate the feeling of glitter, then stick to the creamier glosses from the collection!

Here's a comparison to some other Colorburst Lipglosses I have...
L-R Hot Pink, Bordeux, Cheers, Ignite, Strawberry (had nothing similar to Chilled!)
I've been loving the new colors and think they are perfect for the holiday season! I was realllly tempted by the purple lipgloss, but decided to pass since I knew it would get very little wear. As far as I know, the nailpolishes and lipglosses in the Spice It Up collection are limited edition--so if you come across them, make sure to grab the colors you're interested in!

I have more info on the Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses in my original review here!

What do you think of these new colors?!


  1. Cheers looks like a lovely shade, I might need to check it out! Revlon makes some of my favorite lippies as well.

  2. I saw these yesterday but didn't pick up........Ignite looks so pretty!

  3. very nice swatches in ur first photo the first thing i saw was that purple gloss!!! pretty out there for revlon

  4. i got the purple one and the dark red one. they are gorgeous! i have a light skintone so naturally i was scared of the bright purple but i ended up getting it anyway. it looks so pretty sheered out on my lips. my lips are already pretty pigmented so a sheer layer of the purple ends up a beautiful pink shade. i also tried the dark red sheered out and it was a lovely winter color. im tempted to get that hot pink you swatched now.....

  5. I love the Colorburst lipglosses too! Looking forward to the new colors launching down here in
    Australia. Chilled will be fantastic for layering - I can imagine it over a deep ruby lip!

  6. I have always been tempted to buy one of these lipglosses and now I may to pick up the second one :)

  7. Ooh, I hope these show up around here soon <3

  8. wow those glosses are soo pretty. I LOVE revlon cosmetics too

    xo Jenn

  9. I definitely want Ignite and Decadent from this collection! Great swatches and comparisons :)



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