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Friday, December 9, 2011

HanaAir Professional Hair Dryer

Hey Everyone!

Here’s a hair post to interrupt my constant talk about makeup haha!! Hopefully you’ll be interested! A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Brian of Misikko and he asked if I would like to try out and review one of their most popular products: the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer. After doing a bit of research on the product and the company, I agreed to review it. 

Firstly, let me say that my expectations were EXTREMELY high. This hair dryer retails for over $300 (yet on Misikko’s website it is on sale for $194.99). On sale or not this is an expensive hair dryer. For my whole life I’ve always bought hair dryers that were under $50 and assumed that they all basically achieved the same thing at any price level.  I have to say, I’m really glad that I wasn’t disappointed…
Here’s what was in the box:

Beautifully packaged...and they were very generous including extra goodies!
They included some nail files, anti-bacterial soap, an ELF eyelash curler, comb, shampoo, and of course the sweet smelling roses and a teddy bear ;)

Now onto the dryer!

By the way that little bottle next to the hair dryer is the HANAair shine shield therapy. Here's my superfast mini review of it before I talk about the hair dryer: I am absolutely in LOVE with that product. I put a little bit in my hair while it's damp and it makes my hair incredibly shiny and soft, no matter if I blow dry it or air dry it. A lot of people love Chi Silk Infusion, but that always left my hair feeling kinda oily and it never really did anything special to my hair. This stuff is wonderful--I love the way my hair smells and feels after using it!

Okay NOW onto the dryer...

Quick Facts (taken from the Misikko website)

Adjustable Heat2 Fan Speeds
3 Heat Settings
Plus Cold Shot
Ceramic HeaterMost Advanced Far Infrared Ionic Heat
Tourmaline, Titanium Oxide & Silver InfusedPure Tourmaline Crystals Add Antibacterial Ions and Shine
Warranty2 Years

I am seriously impressed with this hair dryer. I have very long, thick, wavy hair that normally takes a very long time to blow dry or diffuse it...and even after my hair is still quite frizzy and full of flyaways. I usually never leave my house with completely dry hair because it just takes way too long to dry it completely. This hair dryer has completely changed that: it literally takes me 8 minutes (I actually timed it!lol!) to blow dry my hair completely with the HANAair hair dryer versus the 30 minutes it took with my old dryer (I used a Conair hair dryer before!). My hair feels very smooth and is full of volume--which is very hard to achieve with long hair like mine!

Here's a picture of the controls...I found it very easy to use. The blue button controls the fan speed, the red button controls the heat, and the circular button up top is the cool shot button! I like that you don't have to hold the cool shot button down like many other hair dryers (it's more of an on-off type of button!)

Some things I loved about this hair dryer:
-Time: super fast drying
-Results: shiny, smooth, voluminous
-Weight: my arm was not falling off from the weight of it despite how powerful it is!
-It's not super loud! lol!! It's actually kind of quiet. I'm pretty shocked because the air output is so strong--you'd think it would need to make a lot of noise to achieve that.
-Look: not the most important thing to me, but it is very nice and sleek looking ;)
-Heat Settings: Even the hottest setting isn't too hot--I've never even come close to burning myself. At first I was a bit concerned because I thought it wouldn't dry my hair fast---how very wrong I was!!
-The cord and rubber sides: I LOVE that the cord is super long. All my other hair dryers had very short chords--I would always yank it out of the socket. This cord is so long I can even go into another room and watch tv while I blowdry my hair (aren't I an amazing multi tasker?? yup.) One of my favorite things that every company should take note of--is the rubber ovals on each side of the dryer (you can see in the photo below). The rubber sides make it so the hair dryer won't slide off your bathroom counter when you set it down!! This is something I am very guilty of doing--I swear every other hair dryer I've owned I have cracked or broken in some place because it slides off my bathroom counter. Been using this hair dryer for a month now---so far so good ;)
-Lastly, some more features that I love (taken from the website). I don't know much about hair dryer technology, but based on their claims, it sounds like this dryer uses technology that is not terribly harsh on your hair and is sturdily designed!
  • Ion Technology- condition hair & reduces static electricity
  • Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology- natural ions promote healthier hair
  • Silver Nanotechnology- for antibacterial Protection
  • Scratch Resistant Shell with black metallico finish adds durability and is easy to clean
  • Long life motor with low noise
  • Gyroscopically balanced for easy handling
  • Fiberglass concentrator
  • Italian Design

The only bad thing about this hair dryer (in my opinion) is the price. It is pretty expensive and definitely an investment. I definitely consider myself to be a frugal person and even though it is sale for $194.99, I still think that's a high price to swallow. One other con is that the hair dryer comes with a nozzle attachment but no diffuser for the curly haired ladies!! For the price I really think it should come with that attachment. I still need to find a diffuser that matches this hair dryer!

So in the end, I really do think that the HANAair professional blow dryer is a wonderful product. The price is very high but it really does yield fantastic results. If you have the money, go for it! It's a solid investment if you use a hair dryer often.  If this hair dryer lasts me longer than all my little cheapie hair dryers I've had to replace over the years, then it is definitely worth it!! Also, if you blowdry your hair a lot and find yourself spending a ton of time on it (like I used to!), you might want to think about investing in a professional hair dryer--I didn't believe it would make such a huge dfference, but it really cut down on my drying time.

I'd also really like to thank Brian and Misikko for sending me the hair dryer to review and for providing such wonderful customer service. Communication was wonderful and shipping was crazy fast (I got it in 2 days!).  I also appreciate that I was given complete control over what I want to say about the hair dryer--good or bad...I wouldn't have agreed to review if I couldn't be honest about it. Thanks again Brian :) Also, if you want to splurge on some new hair products, I'd definitely check out their website. I'm actually planning to make an order for a diffuser soon! They sell a bunch of different blow dryers and flat irons too (like the popular Chi Turbo and the Solia iron which I personally have and love!). Lots of products on there that would be perfect as Christmas gifts too ;) ;)

Wow, this ended up being such a long post!! Hope you're still with me! Also, if you're considering a Misikko order, definitely make sure to check RetailMeNot for any available coupon codes!

Are you happy with the hair dryers or hair products that you use now? What do you think of HANAair's?

Disclaimer:  The product was sent to me by Misikko to review for free. I am not affiliated with Misikko or HANA, nor am I paid at all to endorse their products. My views are completely honest and influenced by my personal experience only. 


  1. hahaha I love how it came with a teddy bear! I've seen a lot of good reviews of this hair dryer lately . . . I may have to try one!

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love how everything came packaged. I want a teddy bear too haha :)

    Love your review, this sounds like a really good product. Im definitely curious about their products :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  3. what a wonderful review!!! I've heard of Hana hair dryers, but I never thought to get something at such a price... great goodies too :))

  4. I am a new fan from Madame Deals please enter one of my contests I have $200 in jewelry and more

    Thank you

  5. Great review. I am not happy with my hair dryer I use right now(Conair) or my hair straightener(Chi). I may have to splurge on one, one day.

  6. Your post is too beautiful and I really impressed by this blog. Everything is fairly defined in this post. You should continue do this type of post. It’s enjoyable post.

  7. Great review. Glad you are getting sponsored posts! :)

  8. Everything is beautiful in this post which can be helpful for any person. I like this post very much you should continue make this type post.

  9. Lovely hair dryer, thanks for sharing! I personally favor the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional hair dryer because it's powerful, healthy on my hair and has all the features of a pro model :)

  10. Thank you. I am glad you like the post and blog. I love reading this kinds of stuff.

  11. I agree, it's a wonderful dryer, and the bear was such a sweet touch. However, has anyone found a diffuser that works with it? Thanks L

  12. Wow great Post, Thnaks to admin to share the information with us,, I love to visit again in this site

  13. I bought this dryer recently and found it to be okay but not amazing. Many reviews I read were from girls with pretty straight or wavy hair and as a curly haired girl I didn't find that it gave me results that were much better than my generic hair dryer. Also, the buttons are a pain and all the goodies I've seen in all the reviews were misleading as I received mostly junk. Still got frizz that I had to flatiron away. Overall, not worth shelling out the money. As a side note, it's not for lack of skill as I'm very good with a blowdryer. FYI I'm putting this comment on as many reviews as I can for all the other curly haired ladies who need to hear how it works on actual curly hair (waves don't count as curls!)

  14. Aw I'm sorry that you didn't have as good of an experience witht he HanaAir hair dryer! It works amazingly well for my very wavey/loosely curly hair so I couldn't say how it would work with extremely tight curls! As with any product, your mileage may vary! :)



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