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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zoya Yara

I have been reallyyy into greens this past year--and this perfect, shimmery gold olive is no exception! Gold and olive green make such a gorgeous combination!

The Zoya formula is definitely one of my favorites. Yara took two coats to be opaque and lasts almost a week before chipping--which is pretty amazing in my opinion! On day 5 I had to do a touch up on 2 fingers and that's it! This color is just so perfect for fall and the gold shimmer in it really makes it a unique and flattering green.

Zoya polishes retail for around $8--I know that my Ulta carries them. If you haven't "liked" Zoya on facebook already, I would most definitely recommend doing that! I (along with many others!) won a free nail polish back in August when they held a sweepstakes. I chose Yara! Their facebook page constantly updates with new contests and promo codes for their website, so you can always get a great deal on their polishes!

What do you think of Zoya Yara?!? Do you like Zoya nail polishes as much as I do? :)


  1. Zoya polishes are my favorite too! They last much longer on my nails and are easier to use. Yara is v pretty and festive without looking overdone.

  2. I love Zoya polishes, though I only have 3. Nothing bad to say about them at all! Love the gold shimmer in this shade, perfect for Fall! xoxo

  3. what a gorgeous color! i've never used Zoya nail varnish before, but i may give them a try! fantastic blog!
    xx, Kels

  4. I love the Zoya polishes I've tried (from birchboxes) but I have so much polish I can't justify buying more right now... but Yara is going on my list <3

  5. very pretty, i love earthy nail polishes too!

    love, rach.

  6. I dont have many polishes in green.. but this one is something i want!



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