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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mac Pearlglides: Undercurrent and Black Line

Last month Mac released the Vera Collection which included a product I've been very curious to try for a longtime: the infamous pearlglide eyeliners! I've been wanting to venture into other eyeliner colors besides black and with the pearlglides boasting great weartime, rich color, and easy, smooth application, I knew I'd have to check them out! I purchased Undercurrent when the Vera collection released at my local Mac store in February and was SO excited when I found Black Line at a nearby Cosmetic Company Outlet (for cheaper!) this month!

Here's the two colors I got. There are a couple other gorgeous colors but I wanted to try colors I don't own anything like!

Undercurrent is a bright blue-green teal with gold shimmer.
Black Line is a very dark, blackened olive green with lots of gold shimmer

L-R: Undercurrent, Black Line & Sephora Jumbo Liner 12HR in kaki for comparison. Kaki is much lighter and greener than black line. I didn't have anything similar to Undercurrent!
These eyeliners apply like a dream!! I am usually quite hesitant to use eyeliner pencils because most of the ones I've tried do not apply as smoothly as my gel eyeliner--so I usually stick to using gel/cream eyeliner with a brush. These eyeliners reallly impressed me. There was no tugging on the eyelid whatsoever! I do like the L'oreal Hip Chrome eyeliner pencils and the Urban Decay eyeliners--they are some of the creamier pencils on the market but I definitely like the pearlglides best.

The pigmentation of the pearlglides is wonderful--you don't have to go over and over to make the color appear---one stroke and the color is rich. I also love that the gold shimmer is so present. You can really see it on the lids when you apply it--the gold shimmer adds an extra ooomph! I personally had no problem wearing them on my waterline however my eyes have never been sensitive to eyeliners with glitter--so just a warning to those with sensitive eyes as the glitter could irritate!

These eyeliners also have the perfect amount of drying time. After applying the eyeliner you have just enough time to smudge it before it sets. I love applying the eyeliner to the upper lashline and smudging it with a Mac 219 pencil brush so the color is diffused and sparkly. On the other hand, you can sharpen it to a point and apply it along the lashline--wait a few moments and that eyeliner is not going anywhere. The staying power is fantastic and  both Undercurrent and Black Line stay on my lids until I take them off at the end of the day.

I've read online that the pearlglides are now a permanent product at Mac stores--which is fantastic!!! They retail for $15 at Mac stores. I recently found a few pearlglides at my CCO (and many other products) for a couple dollars less so I'd definitely recommend searching there as well if you live near one! You can check HERE to see if you have a Cosmetic Company Outlet near you!

What do you think of the Mac pearlglides!? Do you like to wear colorful eyeliners or do you stick to neutral colors?


  1. i have the mac pealglide in undercurrent and i love it!! such a pretty color!

  2. Undercurrent is definitely drool-worthy

  3. such pretty colors!


  4. yeah undercurrent is definitely beautiful!

  5. I love MAC pencils!!!! XX



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