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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inglot Eyeshadow Swatches!

*Please also see updated January 2013 swatches posted here

Inglot is a fantastic makeup company that I discovered last year. They originated in Poland and have become more and more popular in the United States despite the small number of stores available. Inglot has all types of makeup products, but so far I've only tried the eyeshadows--but I am completely infatuated with them. I've had them for a long time but am finally getting around to posting about them now!
Inglot has an absurd number of different colors to choose from subtle neutrals to vivid brights. The quality is absolutely amazing--every single eyeshadow I've bought from Inglot is buttery smooth with insane pigmentation! Even more amazing is the price tag--$5 a shadow! They are particularly famous for their mattes--they aren't chalky or dry at all and like the other finishes, blend effortlessly. All the finishes last all day over a primer. Honestly, i think they are more pigmented and smoother than my mac eyeshadows (and more affordable). I just love them so much!!

Here's a list of the Inglot finishes so you can have a better idea of their eyeshadow categories:
Pearl: a pearly, shimmery sheen that doesn't contain glitter
Matte: contains no glitter, shimmer, sparkle, etc.)
Double Sparkle (d.s.): matte with A LOT of sparkle (and you can actually see it on the lid too!!)
AMC (advanced makeup component): semi-matte with glitter (doesn't seem to be as glittery as the Double Sparkles)
AMC Shine: Very shiny and frosty...similar to the Pearl finish

I've tried a variety of the finishes and love them all--though my favorites are definitely the pearl finishes and mattes!! Also one last note before the photos is that you can pick and choose what eyeshadows you like (just like a Mac palette). They call it the "freedom system" so you can pick the eyeshadows you want and organize it in their magnetic cases. Additionally, the eyeshadows are not named--they go by numbers!

Now onto the pictures!! All shadows were swatched without a primer and only one swipe from my finger!
Here are two 10 palettes. They come in different sizes: 20, 10, 5, 3, 2, etc. 
L-R, top to bottom: 354matte, 330matte, 463d.s., 11amc shine, 342 matte
358 matte, 465 d.s., 344 matte, 402 pearl, 423 pearl

354matte: pale pink/white 
330matte: creamy peach beige
463d.s: creamy gold nude with gold sparkles
11amc shine: warm gold (but not too warm that it turns orange!) 
342 matte: neutral cool brown

358 matte: soft, neutral purple/brown/grey
465 d.s: medium brown with warm sparkles 
344 matte: soft pink/plum brown (similar to 358 but more warm pink toned rather than purple) 
402 pearl: shimmery taupe brown. gorgeous, unique brown!
423 pearl: warm burgundy/chocolaty brown 

L-R, top to bottom: 454 pearl, 434 pearl, 376 matte, 482 d.s., 325 matte, 419 pearl, 471 d.s., 414 pearl, 338 matte, 340 matte

454 pearl: an almost warm grey, looks like it has a bit of brown to it
434 pearl: beautiful purpley-grey taupe. One of my favorites!
376 matte: blackened blue/purpley grey
482 d.s: gorgeous bright blue with lots of purple shimmer
325 matte: warm, bright purple! amazing texture!

419 pearl: beautiful mix between antique gold and olive green
471 d.s: deep army green with gold sparkle (I just can't get enough of green and gold lol!)
 414 pearl: rich pine green with a touch of teal
338 matte: a bright, clear turquoise
340 matte: the most beautiful, rich dark teal. Love that it's not so dark that it turns black when blended. It is stunning. (I have one FOTD here where I used 340!)

Here's a photo of the Inglot palette. It has a clear top that is attached by a really strong magnet--I love that you can see through it so you know what colors are in the palette. They are also stackable. The top comes off completely by sliding it. I like the way it was designed but you may have to get used to sliding it on and off (and make sure you don't nick any of the eyeshadows in the process!) The palette is very very sturdy and really do keep the eyeshadows safe. The little eyeshadow spaces are magnetized but the magnet is SO strong you have to make a real effort to get them out. As you can see from the photo I like to use the corner of the magnetized top to sort of lift them out--it can be a little more time consuming than palettes where you can pick them out with your fingers. 
Advice before you put them in: make sure you think ahead of time how you want your eyeshadows organized because they are not the easiest to rearrange!!! If i'm having trouble getting them out sometimes I'll knock on the back of the palette to get them out ;) If you are someone who likes to reorganize your palette often, maybe look into something like the Z palette!

I really feel like Inglot has somehow matched the quality of more higher end/expensive brands while being incredibly affordable. The eyeshadows are $5 each (compared to $11, I believe, for a Mac pro pan!). I was able to get 20% off with free shipping during their Black Friday sale in November! I'm not sure how often they have sales though--hopefully once in a while!?!

Since Inglot isn't readily available everywhere (especially the United States where there is only a few stores) I'd definitely recommend googling for swatches on the internet if you want to place an order online. I've found that swatches from youtubers or bloggers are much more helpful and accurate than the swatches provided on the Inglot site! Here's the link to Inglot if you want to check them out! They have a few boutiques in New York City where you can easily swatch and test out the shadows to your hearts content ;)

What do you think of Inglot? Have you tried their eyeshadows or any other products from them? Please 
let me know if you have any questions about the colors or anything else!

*Please see updated January 2013 swatches posted here!


  1. I feel so lucky there is an Inglot location in Chicago - it's like a candy store for make-up junkies! I love the colors you picked and I love their gradient 3 tone eyeshadows!

  2. These shadows looks amazing... I wish there was an Inglot in Toronto. Nice swatches.

  3. There is an Inglot shop near me, and I'm always so surprised by their quality and pigmentation in others blog posts but whenever I poke my head in I'm totally overwhelmed by the amount of everything that I run away!

    Need to get over my fear and get me some of these! xx

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    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  4. I love Inglot!! I have three of their palettes already. Some of the eyeshadows you have are really nice I may have to get one or two of them xxx

  5. woah these colours are beautiful :) x

  6. Beautiful palettes! Every color is as stunning as the one before it. I love the texture and quality of Inglot. :)

  7. OMG! the pigmentation is crazy O_o I heard people talked about this brand, a lot. If only I had access to try Inglot, I'd definitely try their eyeshadow!

  8. Oh shoot. The eyeshadows are $6 now!

  9. Jessica: I'm sad about the raise in the eyeshadow prices too. :( I just put in an order and realized they had gone up. But I'll still be buying them, because they're amazing. I am hoping they do a black friday sale again this year!

    And Amanda, would you put up your other inglot shadow swatches too?? I would love to see the others you have picked up!

  10. Yeah it's a bummer the price went up :( Anastasia I'll definitely be sure to do a post on that soon!

  11. Wow, I remember seeing Inglot in Poland about 15 years (geez time flies). I was only 12 yrs old back then and bought a palette on clearance. I am thrilled they are in NY now!

    It is true that they had a black friday sale last year? Online or instores or both?

  12. Yes they did! Black Friday in 2011 was when I made my first Inglot order! I do believe they had it in store as well, but don't quote me on that! Hopefully they do it again this year!

  13. Zauberin ZebulonMarch 6, 2013 at 8:01 AM

    wonderful colors!! *__*

  14. Great post and this cosmetic product is really good, Inglot is available online only on this site

  15. oh man, I guess the prices have gone up 2 dollars in one year! wow! better get these before they start charging 15 bucks for them like M.A.C.



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