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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mac dupe alert with Inglot!!

I just got ahold of two more Inglot eyeshadows to add to my eyeshadow palettes (see HERE). I noticed right away that they resembled two Mac eyeshadows that I already own so I thought I'd do some comparison swatches for you all!

Mac Humid, Mac Jest
As you may know from reading my original post on Inglot eyeshadows, I am a HUGE fan. I think the Inglot eyeshadow quality is absolutely amazing--every single one of their eyeshadows is smooth, buttery, pigmented, and blend effortlessly. At roughly $5 an eyeshadow, they are a ridiculous steal--I would honestly pay triple the amount for one--which brings me to about the cost of a Mac eyeshadow in pot. I do love a lot of my Mac eyeshadows--many of the colors are unique and have a wonderful texture. However, on the whole, I am really preferring Inglot eyeshadows now--I wish I knew about them years ago!

Inglot 397 Pearl &  Inglot 418 Pearl
Mac Humid & Jest both have a lovely texture--- they are both very smooth and pigmented as well. However, Inglot is even more smooth and pigmented!
L-R Inglot 397, Mac Jest, Inglot 418, Mac Humid
As you can see from above, the Inglot dupes are incredibly similar to the Mac shades. Texture wise, Inglot is more pigmented and smooth. You can see that Mac Humid is a tiny bit more sheer; Inglot 418 is a bit greener in the swatch and Mac Jest is slightly more pink. However, they are pretty darn close! I'll be saying goodbye to my Mac eyeshadows soon now that I have replacements I like much better!

Have you tried Inglot eyeshadows yet? Do you prefer to get rid of dupes in your stash like me? :)


  1. Nice dupes! I love Inglot. And I completely agreed, I'd pay triple for the quality.

  2. Great dupes, they look exactly the same to me. Inglot is such a great brand. x

  3. Yay, great dupes! Now if only I could dupe All That Glitters

  4. I don't have All That Glitters unfortunately but I would bet Inglot has a similar color!

  5. Wow, those are great dupes! My favorite eyeshadow palette right now is Smashbox's Shades of Fame Palette. The colors are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice! They look exactly the same :)

  7. Pear1397 is a good dupe for All that Glitters!!:)

  8. those are great dupes. I'm going to nyc in a month and I can't wait to check out ingot. so excited!

  9. How do you get rid of dupes? Do you simply toss them out or give them away? I sometimes try to get rid of dupes, but I can't bring myself to throw makeup away unless it's used up, dried out, or truly horrible, so I end up with dupes unless I know someone who would want them >.<

  10. @Anonymous: I'm the same way--I HATE having to throw away makeup and always try to use up every product I buy. For products I really want to get rid of, I will first offer them to my Mom or friends. If they don't want them and they are products that can be sanitized (not a lipgloss or something like that) then I turn to "swapping." There's some great makeup related sites that I've been able to swap on and trade my products with other people who are looking to do the same as me!



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