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Thursday, September 8, 2011

August Favorites

Haven't done one of these all summer (lazy i knowww) but here's some stuff I loved a lot during the month of August!

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer: this was in my May favorites when i first got it, but i'm glad to say i am still completely obsesssed with it. seriously gives you the prettiest glow ever. here's my initial post about it HERE.

OPI On Collins Ave. Nail Polish: Wore this color on my toes for basically the entire month (still keeping it on my toes right now too!) and pretty frequently on my fingers. The color just screams hot weather and summer to me! It's a creamy bright red-orange (not too red though).  Its bright and bold and perfect for summer! I am definitely looking forward to more vampy, dark nail polishes for fall, but I'll miss this color!

theBalm Cabana Boy Blush: did a post on it HERE. I got this blush in the beginning of August and it's definitely becoming one of my favorites. Gives such a healthy, beautiful raspberry pink color to the cheeks. I just love it!

Essence London Baby Gel Eyeliner: I got this for less than $2 at ulta and it is seriously giving my favorite bobbi brown gel eyeliners a run for its money! It's a beautiful, dark purpley-taupe-gray eyeliner. It's a bit soft so you have to be careful with application (it's not exactly a creme, it feels fluffier like a mousse consistency), but it stays on allll day (seriously did not budge) and the color is just perfect. I'm more used to the gel consistency of my bobbi brown, but this eyeliner really works amazingly well. I used this in my thebalm and the beautiful look #1 you can see HERE.

Bare Escentuals Glimmer Eyeshadow in Flaunt: this is a seriously gorgeous, shimmery medium brown color with gold, bronze, and rose undertones. It somehow leans a little cool since the gold in it isn't warm or orangey at all. As with many loose eyeshadows, this one is pretty complex to describe. It looks gorgeous on the lid with a darker brown in the crease. I used this color a lot this past month by itself as well for lazy days!

Bare Escentuals Glimmer Eyeshadow in Nude Beach: Another bare escentuals glimmer. I just love their shadows so much and have been rediscovering them lately! I posted one look using this eyeshadow HERE. Nude Beach is a VERY shimmery pale champagne white (leaning pink) color that goes with basically any color I can imagine. It really brightens and opens up your eyes, especially when it's applied to the inner tear duct area. Obviously those who dislike shimmer should avoid this product, but I can see this shade being flattering on any skin tone. It's easy to incorporate into dramatic looks and casual looks (i like it lightly on the lid with neutrals in the crease to tone it down) It's just so beautiful and I'd recommend everyone check it out!

Revlon Coral Reef Super Lustrous Lip Gloss: This one has been a favorite of makeup lovers for a while and for good reason! The color is creamy orange-coral. The quality is just wonderful--it's creamy, not sticky, opaque, and seriously pigmented! I honestly think this is the *perfect* summer lip color! It also layers beautifully over orange and coral lipsticks!

L-R Revlon Coral Reef, BE Flaunt, BE Nude Beach, Essence London Baby, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, theBalm Cabana Boy
Also, on a non makeup related note, August was the month where I became obsessed with Mad Men! All the seasons are on Netflix Instant Play so I was able to feed the addiction pretty frequently. I absolutely loved the show. I can't wait for the next season to start!! Aside from the great story lines, the makeup and clothing is all so makes me want to curl my hair and wear red lipstick every day!

That's it for my August favorites! Let me know what you loved during August (or what you didn't love too) and if you've tried any of these products!!


  1. Mad Men was sooo good! I watched every episode in a couple days! I can't wait for season 5!!!

  2. Omg LUHHHHHVEEEEE that lipgloss. I die.

  3. I want to start watching Mad Men just for the fashion <3 I love that blush :)

  4. Flaunt looks like such a nice taupe! Adding it to my wishlist now :D

  5. Mad Men made me want to wear red lipstick all the time too! And now Banana Republic has that Mad Men line, it's like my dreams are coming true.

  6. Ohh, these are such nice favorites! Unfortunately, I've never tried any of these products, but they really look like they're worth it! I'm especially interested in Nude Beach :)

  7. Really really pretty products! I like the The Balm blusher. :D

  8. amazing products! love opi nailpolish! :)
    wanna follow each other?

  9. I tried the essence gel liner today after reading your definitely gives BB a run for it's money, especially considering you can buy all of the colors they offer for less than the price of one BB gel liner! I would repurchase in a heartbeat! Thanks for the tip! Missey

  10. anytime missey! i'm so glad you like it! i've been meaning to try out the other colors from essence!



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