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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mac Runaway Red Lipstick Haul

Wanted to do a quick post about Mac Runaway Red Lipstick from the recent Mac Shop, Cook collection that just came out! I've been on the hunt for a flattering red lipsick for a while now so I made sure to get to the Mac store early today to check out the new collection. Mac Runaway Red is not a new lipstick from Mac (it was last seen in Fall 2011 with the Mac Me Over collection) but it is sadly limited edition--so it could be repromoted in future collections. I'm glad I finally got my hands on ti!

No Flash

Mac Runaway Red is my personal perfect red--it's just the right color that I've been looking for. It's a medium-deep blue-based cranberry red with the slightest touch of pink/fuchsia. It's not too dark, not too bright. It doesn't pull too orange or too blue or too pink on me, it's just a true red. It is a "satin" formula so they are not quite as moisturizing feeling as a cremesheen yet aren't as dry as matte lipsticks. Many people have said they find the satin formula to be drying but I wore this lipstick all day today over lip balm and had no issues whatsoever! I really like the finish as it's not completely matte yet not overly glossy.
Here's a swatch:

I did some comparisons with a few other reds I own. Runaway Red is personally my favorite red I own now--I like my other reds but I find this particular shade more flattering with my skintone and features! I have to admit his comparison isn't very diverse though---most of my lipsticks are from Revlon--one of my all-time favorite brands for lip products as you may already know from reading my blog ;)
Left to Right: Revlon Red Velvet, Revlon True Red, Mac Runaway Red, Revlon In the Red, Revlon Certainly Red, Revlon Cherries in the Snow 
whoops cherries in the snow got cut off!

-Red Velvet is not really similar at all--it's deeper and has a touch of berry to it and on the lips looks much more "vampy" than Runaway Red
-True Red is much, much brighter!
-In the Red is not blue based and has more brown/brick tones to it. I still am unsure if I can pull this color off.
-Certainly Red is very similar to True Red (I should probably get rid of one!) as it's a bright red with a touch of orange.
-Cherries in the Snow is not really a red--it's more of a bright fuchsia pink with a touch of red. But you can see how Runaway Red has a touch of the pink that Cherries in the Snow is made up of.
-If you are wondering about how it compares to Mac's infamous Russian Red Lipstick, I swatched them in store---Russian Red is matte and has a bit more orange to it. Runaway Red is deeper as well. I much prefer the touch of fuchsia that Runaway Red contains personally--I find it looks better with my skin tone (to each their own!)! Even though my skin is on the warm side, I find Runaway Red completely brightens my face!

Runaway Red is such a gorgeous, sophisticated red lipstick and one that I can really see myself wearing often. My goal for this year is to be more confident wearing bright lips. I'm excited to get a lot of wear out of this color since it's not overly "loud" for a red lipstick. I wore Runaway Red for at least 4 hours today before it started to fade--and I actually love the way it faded to a nice, even pink-red stain.

Mac lipsticks retail for $14.50--you can buy this particular color at a Mac store or online! It's definitely a color I'd recommend checking out if you are a red lipstick lover or looking for a flattering red to add to your collection! It's limited edition too so you may want to call ahead to a counter or store and make sure they still have it in stock!

What do you think about Runaway Red? Is this a color you'd be interested in? Did you pick anything up anything from the new Mac collections?!


  1. This is another lipstick I really want!!!:):) I have like one red lippy in my collection xx

  2. I'd love to see a look with Runaway Red! Your eye looks are amazing; maybe a complimentary eye look with it? A lot of times when I see peoples' red lipstick collections I secretly roll my eyes because all their reds are exactly the same, but you actually have a nice, diverse selection! Quite enviable :)

  3. @LauraMck: go for it! it's a beautiful red and everyone needs more than one ;)

    @Sarah, thank you! my next FOTD will definitely be with this lipstick!! It's funny you noticed that because my big thing with makeup is to not have identical dupes of anything! I hate if I have something similar in my collection, so I'm really picky about my purchases so I won't have the same colors lol!

  4. Runway Red looks like a universally flattering shade. I'd love to see a FOTD too :)

  5. Runway Red is such a stunning colour! Can´t wait to see how you´ll play with this lipstick on a makeup look :)

  6. I have the matte red one from Revlon and I LOVE it. I need no other red lipstick.

  7. That is a gorgeous shade of red! Love your red collection!

  8. Revlon make some iconic reds. I really love Certainly Red and Cherries in the Snow - they look so richly pigmented!

  9. love your collection! i love the cherries one think i will have to purchase! and runaway looks lovely too :)



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