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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nars Madly Blush

Here's my second Nars blush post. I got Nars Madly a few months ago when I wanted to find a nice neutral blush. I'm always drawn to corals and pinks, so this was a big change for me! At the time I debated between mac blushbaby (still pretty!), nars douceur (didn't show up on me), then i discovered nars madly and i'm so glad i did...

Nars calls it a "seashell pink" but on my skin it shows up as a beautiful, shimmery beige with a tiny touch of peachy-pink. Definitely more tan/brown than pink on my skin. In the pictures it does look like it could be worn as a bronzer, but it is a tad too shimmery for all over the face. It adds a perfect glow to the cheeks but I think it would be too much if used all over the face. It's also very pigmented so I have to be careful when applying it or it just looks muddy. 
Madly is definitely a great, neutral blush for a little cheek definition but it may not be a must have if you have some shimmery bronzers already since it would probably give a similar effect. I do like using it with strong lip looks lovely with light shimmery eyes and red lips. As with all my Nars blushes, it blends beautifully and lasts all day!

1 comment:

  1. I love Madly! Sephora's descriptions usually aren't accurate, this is definitely not 'seashell pink', It's more beige like you said. :)



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