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Monday, August 20, 2012

Zoya Kotori

I took a quick picture on my iphone so I could show you the lovely Zoya Kotori! This color is AMAZING--a sparkling jewel toned blue/teal.
Sorry for the iphone quality image! Took it on the go :)
Sorry, I have really ugly nails! My only problem with Kotori is that it is actually quite sheer for the first two coats. Three coats (which is what I used in the photo) is perfection. I would assume that you could get away with one or two coats if you paint Kotori over a black nail polish though. The staying power was excellent, I didn't experience any chipping until day 5 or 6!

Feel free to check out the Share the Love program Zoya has and more importantly, all the Zoya nail polish swatches I've posted in this post HERE!

I'm usually not a blue nail person but Kotori has really won me over! What do you think?


  1. What a gorgeous, unique shade! I've been drawn to dark blue nail polish lately, and this one is no exception! Your photo shows it off nicely :)


  2. I love blue/teals and this one is the bomb!



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