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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Illamasqua Lover Blush

Illamasqua Lover is a blush that I've had forever and used repeatedly in my past FOTD's. I just recently realized I hadn't devoted a post to it! It's is a beautiful bright apricot-peach blush. I'm completely obsessed with it and own nothing like it! Here it is:

I really like Illamaqua's packaging. It's simple but sturdy. The top part of the case (forgot to photograph) is clear so you can see what color you're picking up, unlike the popular Nars packaging. There is a ton of product, .14 oz, so it's going to take forever to hit pan on it!

The powder itself is very fine milled, blends effortlessly and feels weightless on the skin. It is also incredibly pigmented! It took me a while to learn how to apply this blush properly so I didn't look like a clown! One bounce of a fluffy brush into the blush is all you need--you don't need to dig your brush into it or swirl it around--if you do you'll pick up way too much product. One more thing about most of the Illamasqua powder blushes is that they are a matte formula so there is no glitter or anything in them (except 2 of them I believe!). They blend so nicely and look so smooth so there is no risk of chalkiness.

Isn't that color fantastic? It's really the perfect peach color. I can see it being flattering on all skin types however those who are cool toned may have a tough time pulling off the orange undertones in Lover. I think I swatched it a bit too heavily in the above photo but you can see how subtle it is in some of my past FOTD's when it's really blended onto the cheek (see here & here & here). As you can see from all the fotd's, I wear this blush A LOT! lol! Just have a light hand and make sure to use a fluffy brush to disperse and blend it onto the cheek. I can guarantee you'll be seeing it in many future posts as it's one of my favorite warm weather blushes!

You can get Illamasqua at Sephora stores in the USA and it retails for $24.

What are your favorite peach blushes?! Have you tried Illamasqua products before? I have two blushes from them but am curious about many of their other products!


  1. Wow, this is a beautiful peach, and I love to wear matte blush! Now I have to add this to my wishlist :D
    I only own lip products from Illamasqua, and they're excellent quality.

  2. That blush looks so pretty! I have a really similar one by nars called gina. I'm quite sure they are exact dupes. As you said you have to be careful when applying but it is just gorgeous if you do it right.



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