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Friday, April 20, 2012

Mac Vanilla Pigment

Vanilla Pigment seems to be one of the most popular and most loved products from Mac. What I love about pigments is that you can use it for so many different things--you can use it on the eyes, cheeks, mouth, body, and even mix it in with your foundation for glow or a clear nail polish to make your own unique color. I use Mac Vanilla all the time as a cheek highlighter and eyeshadow and have even mixed it in with a body lotion to give my skin a pretty sheen! It's such a gorgeous, versatile product! Here's some more info:

When you first look at the pigment in the jar, you'd assume it's just a shimmery white color. However, when used and blended the color is much more complex. As you can see below (on the right) it has a mixture of gold, peach, and yellow shimmers in it. Texture wise it's not frosty at all and feels really smooth--it has a beautiful sheen to it. It also (thankfully) lacks big chunks of glitter, making it very wearable and flattering on the skin.
On the left is Mary-Lou Manizer (see here) which is much more yellow champagne in comparison to Mac Vanilla Pigment on the right.
Mac Vanilla is very finely milled and quite easy to work with. I just tap some into the cap and dip my brush in there to avoid too much of a mess by dipping into the jar! No matter what, since pigments are loose, there will probably be some pigment that gets out of the jar--but nothing you can't fix by wiping your counter or vanity with a wet cloth ;) Additionally, when using Mac Vanilla as an eyeshadow, I find it easiest to pat it onto the lid versus sweeping in order to avoid fallout onto the cheek! If you don't like using it loose you can always look up tutorials online on how to press pigments!

 I was very lucky to have found it at my local CCO so I got it for less than retail (yay!). If your CCO doesn't have it or you don't live near one, no is a permanent product from Mac! I swear, if you were to only try one pigment this is definitely the one!!!

Click HERE to see a look I did using Mac Vanilla as an eyeshadow. It really works well to brighten the eyes!

What do you think about Mac Vanilla? Is this a color you could see yourself using often?


  1. I have never tried pigments yet but this is beautiful!

  2. I brought this pigment quite a while a go, and i can shamefully say that i have only used it once or twice! Although it's very versatile, i find it quite messy (specially because i'm so clumsy!) so im always afraid of spilling it, and therefore i hardly reach out for it! I have to grow out of this since the colour is such a beaut :)


  3. this looks like a gorgeous highlight!

  4. I still have to force myself to use pigments but this is really lovely

  5. i just bought this a few weeks ago and i absolutely LOVE IT!!! its my first mac pigment!

  6. Wow, so pretty!

  7. Oh I love the look of it! It's very pretty!


  8. Nice !!

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