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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick

It seems that with every spring season, bold lips are always the big trend! Mac Vegas Volt is such a perfect color for spring and summer. It is a bright, creamy coral/orange with a touch of pink!

The color is very, very pigmented and opaque. It can be a little bit intense for those (like moi!) who shy away from bright, opaque colors--it can almost come across as neon if you apply it to heavily. I prefer to blot it down a bit or apply a gloss over it to make it a bit more wearable! It is such a flattering bright color though. I can see it working for a variety of skin tones, but it would probably suit warmer skin tones since the color is so warm itself! It's really a color you should try yourself--I've seen swatches online where it leans more orange and others where it leans more pink so i think it really depends on your skintone and how pigmented your lips are!

In terms of the formula, Vegas Volt is an amplified creme so it is very smooth and creamy, making them a dream to wear on the lips! No dryness or discomfort at all and the lipstick doesn't settle into fine lines at all!

Here's some comparisons to some other orange and coral lipsticks I own:
L-R: Mac Everhip, Mac Vegas Volt, Mac Morange, Revlon Kiss Me Coral
As you can see, Mac Everhip is much lighter and is more of a pink with a touch of coral. Mac Everhip is also a cremesheen whereas Vegas Volt is a amplified cream--- you can definitely tell the difference in formula even though they both have a reputation for being very creamy and pigmented. When I swatched Vegas Volt it definitely packed even more punch like an amplified cremesheen (hence the name?)! Moving on, Mac Morange has no pink in it whatsoever--it's a bright orange! Mac Revlon Kiss Me Coral is actually more similar to Mac Morange but it doesn't come off as bright on the lips.

You can see me wearing Vegas Volt with a gloss on top in a recent post HERE!

Do you like Vegas Volt? What is your favorite coral lipstick?


  1. Wow such a pretty color. I wish I could pull off this color.

  2. I think I would prefer Everhip! Vegas Volt looks great on you!

  3. Vegas Volt is one of my favorites! I use ever hip when I want something neutral, but Vegas Volt is fun for brighter coral lip!

  4. Wow, Vegas Volt is such a lovely shade!! My favourite coral shade is MAC Hibiscus (LE Surf Baby).

  5. This is such a pretty color, and thank you for the comparison swatches! This is perfect for Spring! :)

  6. Stunning colour! x

  7. Wow the Revlon looks like an exact dupe for morange! I love these colors when swatched but I don't think I could pull them off

  8. That looks so gorgeous for summer!

  9. Such a pretty shade! Perfect for summer. I'm adding this to my wishlist for sure :)

  10. Cant decide between see sheer and vegas volt, i guess see sheer more wearable?

  11. Yup I would definitely agree that See Sheer is more wearable. Vegas Volt can be very, very bright--you would have to blot it down if you want it to be less intense.

  12. Ive had this on my wishlist for a while, but thinking I might get it this weekend! :) Thank you for persuading me and twisting my arm. I am a new follower. - maybe you could check it out if you have a chance :D



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