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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks and Swatches

I've been wanting to do a post to show you one of my favorite lipsticks at the moment (well, of the last few months really): Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks. I've always thought Revlon lip products are really wonderful and the quality is really amazing for such a low price tag. Here's some pictures and swatches...

Left to Right, True Red, Carnation, Peach, Petal, Soft Nude, Blush

True Red: a very vibrant red with a bit of pink undertone.

Carnation: a medium blue based, leaning cool toned pink. probably not the most original pink, but it's nice!
Peach very flattering peach (a perfect mixture of nude, pink, orange, and coral!)

Petal: the perfect pale pink nude.

Soft Nude: i never thought i'd be able to pull of a "nude" lipstick, but this one is VERY flattering and does not give me the nude "corpse" look. It's a creamy fleshy-peachy-pink nude. love!

Blush: one of my favorite neutral, MLBB shades. It's a warm rosey-nude brown.

Click for a closer look!^
Some reasons why i LOVE these lipsticks...
-Texture: really lightweight, creamy, and moisturizing. I hate when lipsticks are drying or you can't wear them unless you have slather a lot of lip balm before applying. I also like that they aren't sticky either. These feel amazing on! They all have a pretty sheen to them, but not nearly enough to make them frosty. I do however prefer to put a little bit of balm on before, just to be extra hydrated :)

-Pigmentation: These are very pigmented in my opinion. I like that these aren't too pigmented that they would need a lip brush for precise application, yet they're certainly not sheer. The only one i really need to layer on a bit more is Petal.

-Colors: all of the ones i've tried are all extremely wearable. I tend to shy from really outrageous colors so the colors from this line really suit me. If you like crazy bright colors like neon oranges or bright purples, you probably won't find the colors to your liking. For an everyday lipstick kind of gal, these are right up your alley.

-Packaging: Sleek, simple, sturdy and much more sophisticated looking than many lipsticks at this price range. I also think the "Revlon" imprint on the lipstick tube is a cute touch.

-Price: You can find these in any drugstore (I usually frequent Target, Ulta, or CVS). I believe they are $8.99 which can be considered a bit pricey for a drugstore product. However, if you're patient, there is no reason you should ever have to pay full price. Drugstores in the US constantly come out with buy one get one free (or half off) offers or coupons (like CVS extra care coupons). I've never had to pay full price for any of them! Definitely check out the wonderful Nouveau Cheap for frequent updates on what drugstore deals are out at the moment!

I get a few hours of wear from these lipsticks (about 3-4) which is pretty good in my book. I tend to smoosh my lips a lot when I wear lipstick (habit?) , so I usually have to reapply often throughout the day. Additionally, I can't detect any smell at all! Another plus! ;)

I hope these swatches were helpful. I'm also a fan of the Revlon superlustrous lipsticks too, so if you need some new lipsticks I'd definitely recommend checking out Revlon!
Let me know if you've tried any or have any favs!


  1. I just got back into lipstick, I have been a gloss girl for atleast 10 years... i recently decided to try lippies again and Revlon Petal was the first one I bought! G is great at helping to navigate those sales!

  2. i was the same way! i really didn't like wearing lipstick at all until a few months ago (but loved gloss!) i love that they feel hydrating and comfortable to wear! i have saved sooo much money thanks to her! lol

  3. Really nice selection. I might have to get the Petal one too. ;)

  4. I am loving the new super moisturizing lipsticks...these look great. Thanks for the rec and the super thorough post! :)



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