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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nars Oasis Blush

Meet one of my favorite blushes ever, Nars Oasis...

Nars describes it as a "sparkling pink champagne"
Oasis is a gorgeous rosy/mauvey/raspberry with gold shimmer/glitter. Not quite pink champagne in my opinion ;) The color is sooo flattering and I can see it working on a variety of skin tones. It looks wonderful on pale tones (I'm about NC20-25 right now) but when my skin gets darker in the summer, it looks just as lovely. I tried capturing the gold shimmer in the photos, if you close up on them you'll probably be able to see them. Matte blush lovers probably want to stay away, but if you like a bit of shimmer and sheen on your cheeks Oasis is perfect. For the daytime, I just tap my brush off realllly well and have no issue with the glitter, it just disappears when you blend it into your cheeks.

On a side note, I thought in person Nars Sin and Oasis looked quite similar in the pan, but on me, Sin made me look a bit bruised--I think it had too much purple in it for me. I think Oasis could definitely work for those that felt the same way I did about Sin.

As usual with all my Nars blushes, the pigmentation is fantastic and it lasts all day for me. Definitely a must have in a blush collection (well, mine at least, I wear this one all the time!).


  1. Yeah I do see the gold shimmer. The colour looks really gorgeous!

  2. I tagged you in the Stylish Blogger Award. Do check out <3

  3. Hey what a lovely color :) Hey I just started following u :) All the best for ur blog:)Please follow me back too :)



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